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This was supposed to have been posted yesterday... F- for timing, A+ for post, yes?
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Wow, it's been so long since I've posted one of these hasn't it...? It's not that I haven't been reading, it's just that I haven't been keeping track... I will try harder, but no promises. Mostly, I'm still trying to read fics by my flist.

Here's my in-progress list which holds new updates and new fics I started.

This list holds flist fics and from the Autumn Fixathon at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix (*coughs* these may be all the completed ones while the continuous ones are in my in-progress list...).

Autumn Fixathon fics )

Flist fics )


*eyes list suspiciously* I know I'm missing some... Grrr. Well, I hope you enjoy whatever I have listed here!!!

ALSO!!! CHECK OUT THE AMAZING FANART/MANIPS THAT RESULTED FROM THE [ profile] doctor_rose_fix Autumn Fixathon.

Fanart/Manips )

Okay, that is all. Good night everybody. *iz dead*
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I know. I'm horrible. I haven't posted any recc lists recently and I just know I didn't copy links to my notepad of reccs. :( However...

I posted a prompt at the Autumn Fixathon for [ profile] doctor_rose_fix and hoped beyond hope someone would pick it up because there is just not enough 11/Rose out there.

I was super-lucky and got two replies. [ profile] shadowneko003 and [ profile] soaring_smiles both replied.

Here is Soaring's fic. :D (scroll down as I linked for the start of the prompt. I was FLAILING. I LOVE Soaring's work and am so glad she took the prompt.

Now I eagerly await Shadowneko's respond. :D

(I'm also gathering a recc list of the most recent fic I've read that should be posted sometime... *grumbles about RL*)
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I SWEAR I'm not stopping weekly recommendations. They were just temporarily on hiatus while I caught up to my reading list after a temporary illness... I still haven't caught up completely (and really, these are mostly fics I read before I got sick), but this is what I've got so far. As always, in-progress fics are here.

Summary: Picks up where Journey's End left ff with Rose and Human!Ten. Absolute fluff.
Looking for happy, fluffy 10.5/Rose stories? Well, look no further 'cause this story is IT! Domestics still scare him to death, but he knows some things can change and he can have the life he always wanted with who he wants his forever with. *Squishes story*
Summary: Alternate scene set at the very end of "The Satan Pit" as Rose and the Doctor are reunited on the TARDIS. Certain rules are established.
This happened. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. ;P
Summary: You can feel worlds and universes colliding in your head, the searing heat, the tempestuous flames licking at your insides. It's golden and hot and burning, burning everything and anything you were, are, will be.
Nine/Rose; Parting of the Ways
Interesting perspective. :)
Warning: mild nudity
Summary: He hadn't expected the night to turn out so well.
Doctor/Rose; 100 words
Even his Time Lord biology can't save him from that. ;)
Summary: Written for [ profile] 365challenge's prompt in the [ profile] then_theres_us ficathon:
Captain Jack Harkness just thinks he's so funny."
Jack gives Rose an idea... Hehehe.
Summary: I’d only realized the other day that The Stone Rose takes place between New Earth and School Reunion, which obviously is pre-The Satan Pit. It made me want to write a drabble about the Doctor’s speech with that fact in mind.
Step into the Doctor's mind as he thinks about the only one he believes.
Living the High Life by [ profile] laialda (5/5) (It took me a little while to find part 5, there's the link in case anyone has a hard time too.)
Summary: While traveling with Donna, Ten accidently injests an alien hallucinogenic that makes him believe Donna is actually Rose. Forced into an awkward situation with a suddenly happy and bestotted Time Lord, she will have to make a decision that could involve breaking his heart all over again.
Ten, Donna, Implied Ten/Rose
OH. MY. GOSH!!! This story. This. I just. I can't. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The characters are perfectly in character and it makes you laugh (because it's Donna and the Doctor!) and it makes you cry (because of Rose-less Doctor!), and it is just SO worth it.
Summary: The first time he married her, he didn't tell a word. After all, it wasn’t his fault a life bonding on Glarkon meant having yellow goo poured over their heads.
Funny, gorgeous, and just a bit sad at the end of it all, but with a dash of hope because we all know who he was thinking about at the end of his Ninth life. *Sighs*
Summary: He keeps writing to her. It's not helping much.
Eleven/Rose; Cloen/Rose
It is sad. It is gorgeous. *CRIES*
Summary: Thirteen year old Rose always wanted to talk to her father. Would the magics of All Hallow's Eve give her that chance? From the Doctor's perspective, this follows after Waters of Mars.
Rose, Shireen, Ten; Post-WoM
A lovely, bittersweet tale.
Summary: By Rose and the Doctor's standards this Christmas is certainly different. Warning: Plenty of Doctor (Ten2) and Rose fluff ahead.
Fluffy, fluff fluff~. So fluffy it made me tear up a bit.
Summary: Sequel to Feel. The Doctor and Rose try to figure out where things stand between them after his regeneration.
ROFL!!! TARDIS I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE NOW!!! Feeling down? Here, have a plate of chocolate biscuits. HEE!
Summary: it was clear Rose was intent on going out, and the TARDIS repairs weren’t finished yet, so he couldn’t just drag her off on a new adventure instead. Despite his better judgement, he finally reached a decision. “OK, I’ll come with you, but I’m not dancing!”
Possessive Nine? Check. Pretty Rose getting her way? Check. Nine singing? Check. :D
Summary: It was an ordinary night closing up Henrik's. In another timeline, it once had been an extraordinary night ... 
Lovely introspection piece with BigBang!Rose.
Summary: There is too much that ends
The Doctor
It's general, but I dunno...could just be my shippy heart. ;)
Summary: Ten's thoughts as he and Rose discuss mortgages, doors and carpeting
LOL!!! It's Who. Need I say more? Yes? Okay. I LAUGHED SO FREAKIN' MUCH!
Summary: Ten's thoughts in the depths of Krop Tor 
GAH! One of the best canon scenes (I BELIEVE IN HER) with a bit of scope into the Doctor's head brought to you by dear Who. The Doctor really does torture himself too much, doesn't he?
Time Crash Redux by Khatt
Summary: Time to open the eyes. Coral struts, just as he'd expected. The faint green glow of the time rotor. And a skinny, spectacled git in pinstripes mucking about with the console controls. ... When the Reaper attacks him during the events of Father's Day, the Ninth Doctor ends up in a familiar place with an unfamiliar pilot. Established Ten/Rose, told from Nine's POV.
Ten/Rose, Nine
I just found a new favorite author. Move out everyone else. LOL. Just kidding. There's enough in my heart for you all. Mind you, I may need to grow a second one soon because there are just too many talented people out there that they may not all fit soon. And yes, it's late/early, so mind the rambling.
Did you not notice NINE included in there? You didn't? Well, obviously that's why you didn't click on the link right away! One word, well four, for you: knickers on the console. (NO. Sorry people, not rated Adult. :P )
Summary: He acts all gruff and angry, but he's really a hopeless romantic. "Nine-is-an-old-Softie" drabble.
Nine/Rose; drabble
I. LOVE. And if I loved, you will love too. Nine, Rose, sonic screwdriver. (NO. Get your head out of the gutter. Or is that just me? :P ) They really aren't much for pomp and circumstance, especially when it comes to their own... :D
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So I've finally decided on something. I have an awesome flist and I barely read most of their work or have yet to read any. This is going to change. Besides reading the in-progress fics, an updated list which can be found here, I am also going to try and read at least one fic of each friend once a week. I've already started. Let's hope I can keep it up. I am determined to read through as many as possible. I have lists. Seriously, I do. (Just pray/hope I don't get distracted...)

I don't think I've ever mentioned this in my reccs, but...remember to give the authors some love please!

The Red King by [ profile] charlottetrips
Summary: For two millennia, he only had one purpose in life. There was nothing he wouldn't do to achieve it.
Rory Williams, PG-13

*Cries* RORY~. It is gorgeous. It will break your heart. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Living the Life Fantastic by [ profile] charlottetrips
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Rose had always known that the Doctor would eventually come back for her after he left her at Bad Wolf Bay. She just didn't know how late he was going to be. Told from an outsider's perspective.
Ten/Rose, Donna

*Sobs an ocean* It broke my heart, but the writing was so worth it, as always.

Lupercalia by [ profile] xsilverxlightx
Summary: Written for [ profile] the_idiotgirl's prompt at the [ profile] then_theres_us ficathon: "Eleven, Amy, and Rory are at a museum. What do they stumble upon but the statue of Rose that the Doctor carved." As a Classicist, I couldn't resist a prompt that involved the Doctor spouting random knowledge about Ancient Rome and The Stone Rose will forever be my favorite of the Doctor Who books so really this was just perfect.
Doctor/Rose, Amy/Rory

I LOVE how in character they all are. I can totally see this as a missing scene.

A funny think happened on the way to giving birth by emeraldeyeddaughter/[ profile] emraldeyedauter
Summary: Sort of AU. Rose is married to the Tenth Doctor and they are expecting their first child very very soon but there is a little bit of trouble on the way to Jack and Cardiff.

Hilarious and fluffy. Simply adorable! :D

Feel by [ profile] develish1
Summary: The Doctor tries to convince himself he's not becoming attached to Rose.
Nine/Rose; Post-Father's Day

Lovely bit of introspection with the Doctor finally realizing true facts. :)

Geometry is Pointless by [ profile] strange_charmed aka [ profile] kilodalton
Summary: The Doctor sees math as something simple, beautiful and artistic. Rose ... doesn't.

You will never hate math again. ;)

Proxy Kiss by [ profile] who_in_whoville
Summary: Ten's thoughts as Casssandra/Rose kissed him

I died of laughter; it was too perfect.

From the Sky to the Ground, They All Fall Down by [ profile] jessicaqueen (2/2)
Excerpt: “Shh,” Rose said. Strangely, she felt completely calm, having had to push her own slowly-growing panic down to deal with his. She’d never thought she would see him like this. Even though she hated that it had come to this, she was glad that she could at least be here for him when it happened.
Ten/Rose, PG-13

This could easily be an unfilmed episode.

Her Tenderness by [ profile] fannishliss
Summary: The Doctor huts his hand and Rose helps him take care of it, aka Nine!Hand!Porn.

All I can say is that I adored it.

How Lovely are Your Branches by [ profile] timelord1
Summary: The TARDIS materializes around a pine tree. Rose thinks the Doctor did it for her, for Christmas. He's not about to argue.

Lol, reading a holiday fic during the summer is fun!

Living a Life by [ profile] callywaggy
Summary: Rose and Ten II living their lives, day after day.
Cloen/Rose; Series

I couldn't resist reading all of it. I hope more is added!
Five little one-shots/drabbles about 10.5 and Rose. Sweet, hilarious, and a dash of angst. My favorite combo. :D
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I'm back~. Sort of.

Current in-progress fics I'm reading can be found here. Most recently read are stories by [ profile] who_in_whoville and [ profile] lumendea (of course), and [ profile] shelwass and [ profile] isilienelenihin have now joined my foray of in-progress fics. :)

Basically, read anything at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix's Spring Fling Fixathon.

Also, read everything by [ profile] shelwass. I did and am. :) Here's her Teaspoon profile.

You don't need me to tell you this, but there are a lot of awesome fics at [ profile] then_theres_us as well.

This is probably the worst recc list ever, but I promise to keep better track of my readings from now on.

*Dashes off to keep reading [ profile] isilienelenihin's The Long and Winding Road.*
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I. Should. Be. Asleep! But I can't!!! I had to find it! Now, I will start a new tradition for myself and comment on the new "Torchwood: Miracle Day".

I think I might have been expecting a bit too much for a first episode; the same thing happened when I first watched "Doctor Who"; I was left feeling 'meh,' but IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I was gleeful so I came home to look for it online since I thought I wouldn't be able to watch it 'cause dad cancelled all our good channels (HBO, Starz, and the like) a few weeks ago. Then, out of simple curiosity, I did a search and found it on Channel 101 (I don't know what it is, but it's via DirectTV). Now, it will be recording in case I miss it at 6:00PM tonight. Yes, I need to watch it on our plasma, much as I love my laptop.

Initial Reaction:

Spoilers! )


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