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Title: Seeds of Doubt
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose, TARDIS, Mickey
Rating: G
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-Girl in the Fireplace
Words: 869
Series: The Garden 'Verse
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership
Summary: One-shot. 'Was he worth it?' she wondered. 'What if she didn't understand?' he pondered.
Author's Note: Dedicated to [ profile] if_you_see_alie. Happy (late) Birthday!


It wasn't even a question. )
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Title: The Lonely God's Angel
Characters/Pairings: 10/Rose, Sarah Jane, Jackie, Mickey, Brother Lassar
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Warnings/Spoilers: Up to School Reunion
Words: 1,370
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Summary: One-shot. What if the Doctor had taken Brother Lassar's offer of infinite power? How would Sarah Jane and Rose react?
Author's Note: Happy birthday to [ profile] develish1! I hope you had a fantastic day! Here's a fic just for you. :D A bit of dark!Doctor with Rose there to keep him from going over completely.
Only a certain someone has dialogue 'cause she was the only voice of reason. and the Doctor and Rose seemed to want a bit of hush around them. Also, I tried to make him darker, but Rose wouldn't let me... Enjoy!


Even gods needed someone to believe in. )
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(So while I was updating my master list, it turns out the entry is now too big. So I'll have separate entries for all categories.

These fics currently can only be found at FF.NET. Only the Doctor Who fics can be found on LJ. The rest will be edited and posted on LJ soon-ish.)

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

Overall Disclaimer: I own none of these series, I simply borrow them to play.

TV Shows:

Angel )

Doctor Who )

Tin Man )
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Title: Five Times the Doctor and Rose Go Undercover
Author: [info]silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: 9/Rose, Jack Harkness; Tad bit of- Mickey Smith, Pete Tyler
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor/Romance/Angst/Introspection
Warnings/Spoilers: Bits of season 1 and a small delve into Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Also a bit of mild nudity.
Words: 2,073
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Summary: One-shot. It's always better with two and the Doctor was thankful that Time had allowed him these moments with her.
Author's Note: This is what comes out of my mind at hours when I should be asleep. Entry number two for challenge 89 for [info]then_theres_us. This would have been a '5 Times…and 1 Time They Didn’t' fic, but I’m not ready to write 10.5 yet. *Hangs head*


Everywhere they went was another adventure and there were so many more to come. )
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Title: The Doctor and Rose's Five Pets
Author: [info]silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: 9/Rose, 10/Rose, Adam Mitchell, Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, FH's cat, K-9, Martha Jones
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2. DOOMSDAY NEVER HAPPENED.
Words: 1,006
Series: None
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership. The planet and species mentioned come from my silly little mind.
Summary: One-shot. Snapshots of the Doctor and Rose going through different pets, err guests...
Author's Note: My entry for [info]then_theres_us challenge 89. I had quite a few ideas for this; the picture prompts were ah-maz-ing, as usual. I'm almost done writing another '5 Times' fic using them; it should be posted in a few hours. For now I have this which was finished yesterday and, once again, inspired by [ profile] bloose09's gif story from the previous challenge in which she says: Don't all couples have pets? - referring to Adam, of course. I was bouncing ideas with the help of my younger sister and remembered this and, voila, this was what was born.


Every couple needed a pet, didn't they? )
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Title: The Naked Eye
Author: [info]silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: Jackie; Mickey; Harriet Jones; 9/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Introspection/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-Aliens of London/World War Three
Words: 539
Series: None
Status: Completed
Summary: One-shot. The Doctor and Rose's relationship through three sets of eyes: Jackie, Mickey, and Harriet.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Author's Note: First posted this via my mobile to meet the deadline for challenge 87 of the [ profile] then_theres_us community; I just edited the format a bit and did a few corrections. Didn't even get to have dessert as I was writing this while I ate and my family was hurrying me up. :( Haha, it's okay; I was full already and actually my sister gave me some chocolate ice cream. :)


There are some phenomena that can only be seen with the naked eye… )
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I. Should. Be. Asleep! But I can't!!! I had to find it! Now, I will start a new tradition for myself and comment on the new "Torchwood: Miracle Day".

I think I might have been expecting a bit too much for a first episode; the same thing happened when I first watched "Doctor Who"; I was left feeling 'meh,' but IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I was gleeful so I came home to look for it online since I thought I wouldn't be able to watch it 'cause dad cancelled all our good channels (HBO, Starz, and the like) a few weeks ago. Then, out of simple curiosity, I did a search and found it on Channel 101 (I don't know what it is, but it's via DirectTV). Now, it will be recording in case I miss it at 6:00PM tonight. Yes, I need to watch it on our plasma, much as I love my laptop.

Initial Reaction:

Spoilers! )


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