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Title: Bleh! Pears!
Author:  [ profile] silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Romance/Fluff/Friendship
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-The Christmas Invasion
Words: 955
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Summary: One-shot. The Doctor discovers a dislike for pears.
Author's Note: This was inspired by a picture from challenge 68 at [ profile] then_theres_us and is dedicated to [ profile] shelwass! Happy Birthday!!!


"'New taste buds, Rose! I don't know what I do and don't like anymore.'" )
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Title: His Companions, His Hope
Author: [ profile] silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: Donna, Ten
Rating: G
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Midnight.
Words: 242
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Summary: One-shot. Sometimes humanity disappointed him, but there were those few that allowed him to hold onto his hope.
Author's Note: Happy birthday to [ profile] eloriekam!!! Sorry this is a bit late. I hope you had a fantastic day!


Not a worry-wart )

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There have been no rec lists or reaction/rant posts about Once Upon a Time from me because last week I was super busy and today it's 'cause I have no internet at home. :( I've read a few fics on my mobile the past couple of weeks, so if anyone is wondering why I've reviewed, but not rec'd, that's it. I also can't leave super-long reviews like I'm sometimes prone to do as it's not ideal to do so on my mobile... :(


I've even put off on reading [ profile] who_in_whoville's Found & Lost because of it. *SOB* I don't mind reading one-shots or short stories as I don't usually leave long reviews for those, but I did since Who's The Lost Day and don't want to break that chain, no matter how much it's killing me as the first chapter of the sequel was just posted, but I don't know how long I'll last... AND I MISS THE GUTTER!!! Two weekends is too much...


Will be reading the one-shots on my list starting tomorrow hopefully, while work is slow.

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Nov. 6th, 2011 06:14 pm
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*Arg* I am NEVER leaving my [ profile] then_theres_us challenge fics until the last minute. Sundays are way too unpredictable. As soon as I get home, I'ma fix my entry, post it to other comms, and watch The Long Game so I can jot down notes for the next fic then start writing tomorrow. Touch-screens that are not nail-friendly are not for me, but it was a gift and there was no way I was getting an expensive phone; I would've felt bad. It's a good phone, but not at all practical to write rapidly.

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Oct. 20th, 2011 07:51 pm
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Still no wi-fi...


I've started my fic for [ profile] then_theres_us' next challenge, but Manni seems to have gone offline along with the internet. I have about two-hundred flowing (sort of) words and a few random sentences. The ending's done too, but I hope I can reword it. Something's just not right about it yet.


Chapter 28 of SMW only has two sentences...


I'ma head to the library tomorrow, see if I can prod Manni with an outting. Think I'm going a little crazy in my room...


On a side-note, I finished reading "The Clockwise Man" and am on chapter six of "The Monsters Inside".

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Oct. 19th, 2011 11:59 pm
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Today was not a productive day at all. My wi-fi's been out since 12 noon, at the very least - my brain's taken a vacation with it. On the upside, I've started to read the Doctor Who novel, "The Clockwise Man." If the internet's still out tomorrow, I'll try to work on my fics.

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Sep. 28th, 2011 08:59 pm
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Hahaha, was watching a Friends episode, "The One with Russ," with my sister and saw the scene with Ross and "Russ." Could not help but imagine 10 and 10.5. Was only missing Rachael between them for Journey's End. Obsessed much? XD


(Yes, this is just an excuse to test-drive the LJ app on my mobile - just downloaded it last night.)

Russ & Ross )

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