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3. Bra-Shopping

(Note- I tried to make it smutty, but it wasn’t cooperating. Still, fluff’s always good, yes? Word count: 595; Written for Foxy - AKA [ profile] foxmoonfade)

Pre-planning... )
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I was going to ramble about RL, but decided to share this first. I'll be back later this evening and will also hopefully reply to some of the more recent comments.

12/Rose this a'way! )

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Might Drive Me Crazy (6656 words)
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Seventh Doctor/Rose Tyler, The Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, The Doctor's TARDIS
Additional Tags: Humor, Romance, Concert, Smut
Summary: The Doctor takes Rose to a Def Leppard concert and they run into someone unexpected...

A late birthday prezzie to Whoville ([ profile] who_in_whoville)!

Find on Teaspoon and/or reblog/like on tumblr!

(Again, I apologise for not replying to comments entries! Been going through a lot in RL. Some of you know, some of you don't. I'll be updating everyone here on my flist soon enough. Hope you're all doing well in the meanwhile!)
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Showing Restraint (1870 words) by lunarsilverwolfstar
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who, Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: The Doctor/Rose Tyler, Eighth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: The Doctor (Doctor Who), Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Additional Tags: PWP, Smut, Food Porn, trope bingo, Humor, Romance
Series: Part 2 of From Forever to Eternity
Summary: This body had a thing for sweets. But the Doctor will always have a craving for one Rose Tyler

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Half Yours (549 words) by lunarsilverwolfstar
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, TARDIS, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Fluff, Family, Romance, Humor, UA
Summary: "Well, technically speaking, they're about fifty-four-point-eight mine..."

Also on Teaspoon.
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Title: A Perfect Disaster
Author: [ profile] silverlunarstar
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Humour/Romance
Words: 2,627
Summary: The Doctor promises Rose the wedding of the century. How far is he willing to go? Too far, in Jackie’s opinion!
Note: For permissiontofollowup's second prompt week and for [ profile] kelkat9, who wanted Tentoo as groomzilla. This is unbeta'd, folks. Sorry!


"And I was thinking they could have corsages with little pink rose buds, and I promise those will be the only roses in the ceremony, well, besides you," he added hastily before winking as she rolled her eyes. )


(This might be the last time I post fic to LJ like this because my paid LJ is about to expire and honestly, LJ's been annoying me for awhile now which is why I haven't been on much and don't feel like dealing with advertisements on top of that, BUT I MISS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. I will still try to visit. Also, I will still be writing, of course. I'm on AO3 and Teaspoon. I'm even on, but all the smut goes on AO3 and TSP, of course (you know, whenever I actually get around to writing it). Oh! Also tumblr. I will try to post links to my fics here, but dunno how many people still come around.

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Title: Red Banana Sauce (1/1)
Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Words: 201
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;)
Summary: The Doctor discovers banana sauce and he is not amused.
Author's Note: I blame [ profile] callistawolf for this (this is her picture). Thanks to Paige for knowing what this tastes like! This is just a humourous Doctor/Rose ficlet.


RED banana sauce... )
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Title: Smaller on the Inside (1/1)
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff
Words: 1,188
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;)
Summary: The one time the TARDIS is actually smaller on the inside is when Ten and Rose rode together. Fluff with a Doomsday fix-it
Author's Note: Dedicated to my [ profile] callistawolf after she watched Doomsday for the umpteenth time and liveblogged it. Thank you [ profile] foxmoonfade for the idea! This is for you too! Summary is Foxy’s words, by the way.


The three of them always. )
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Title: Their Baby at Play (1/1)
Series: Day After Day- Random Drabbles and Other Assortments
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humour
Words: 581
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;) Also, some of the dialogue, along with the gif set is obviously not mine.
Summary: The TARDIS has some fun with the chameleon circuit.
Author's Note: I was overwhelmed by the adorableness of this gif set by noyouplum and [ profile] fogsblue asked for fic. How could I resist?

He felt a jab of annoyance coming from the [TARDIS]... )
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Title: Testing
Author:[ profile] silverlunarstar
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Words: 190
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.
Author's Note: Apparently, this is what happens when I don't get good marmalade.


Her sanity had officially left the building. )
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Title:  Day After Day- Random Drabbles
Characters/Pairings:  Tentoo/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre:  Romance/Drama/Fluff/Humor
Words: 1,062
Summary: One-shot. Random shots of the Doctor and Rose living their life, day after day.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of Doctor Who or the wonderful gif that accompanies it.
Author's Note:  Phew! It's been a while since I posted fic! These are little drabbles that were inspired by this gif set made by noyouplum on tumblr. Thank yo [ profile] fogsblue n [ profile] kahki or your help!


...but the truth of the matter was that when he was with Rose Tyler, every day was an adventure. )

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Okay guys, I promise this is my last entry of the day then it's down to serious business with the studying!

THANK YOU SO MUCH [ profile] jessicaqueen[ profile] fogsblue[ profile] x_girl_wonder_x, and [ profile] six FOR THE CUTE PANDAS!!!



Here's a little music video dedicated to my brilliant flist.

Sepia: Present
Color: Future
Black & White: Past
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Title: Pink Sugar
Author:[ profile] silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose, TARDIS
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Humor/Romance/Angst(for idiot Doctor)
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-Father's Day
Words: 751
Summary: Saving the world with sweets! Just another day in the life of the Doctor and Rose. Will our favorite alien finally get a clue? Has Rose finally had enough?
Author's Note: A quick little fic inspired by prompt 49 at [ profile] then_theres_us and is dedicated to [ profile] timelord1! Happy Birthday dear!


Maybe he just needed another push in the right direction, the TARDIS thought. )
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Title: Bleh! Pears!
Author:  [ profile] silverlunarstar
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Romance/Fluff/Friendship
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-The Christmas Invasion
Words: 955
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership.
Summary: One-shot. The Doctor discovers a dislike for pears.
Author's Note: This was inspired by a picture from challenge 68 at [ profile] then_theres_us and is dedicated to [ profile] shelwass! Happy Birthday!!!


"'New taste buds, Rose! I don't know what I do and don't like anymore.'" )
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Title: Should Know Better
Characters/Pairings: Cain/DG, Raw, Glitch
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Romance/Family
Warnings/Spoilers: A very oblivious Cain, lol.
Words: 1,025
Disclaimer: I don't own...
Summary: Really, having gone through it once, he should know better.
Author's Note: Dedicated to [ profile] charlottetrips! Happy Birthday!!!


Cain needs to learn to choose his words wisely... )
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Title: Made it Home
Characters/Pairings: Tarrant/Alice; Absolem; OC
Rating: G
Genre: Introspection/Friendship/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers: Post-movie.
Words: 1,826
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership. "Painting Flowers" by All Time Low belongs to its respectful owners.
Summary: One-shot. Sequel to Retrace the Steps. Alice has dreams that aren't dreams and dreams that are. As if everything else was real!
Author's Note: This is part two of my prezzie for my BFF Nia-chan (AKA [ profile] scutegirl). It took me a while, but here it is, as promised!


"You won't remember me." "Of course I will. I could I forget?" )

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Title: Interruptions
Characters/Pairings: 10/Rose, Donna, Jack
Rating: PG-13 (lite)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers: Set during TSE. Jack's innuendos.
Words: 1,322
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership. Also, one of the last scenes historical factors comes from Wikipedia.
Summary: One-shot. Slight crack-y alternate reunion between the Doctor and Rose.
Author's Note: I know this has been done and over with, but it's just a silly, little denial ficlet that is based on canon’s reunion. You can all blame [info]x_girl_wonder_x for this. Inspired by a convo we were having on LJ sometime last year. I was finally able to complete it in time for challenge 95 of [info]then_theres_us.


He was sure they'd get their happy ending. Eventually. )


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