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Follow the Sun by Evermore

The Doctor and Rose's relationship through the years.
A vid for a very special person. Hope you enjoy, [ profile] callistawolf! Sorry it took me so long!
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Summary: The Doctor remembers his time with Rose. (Colour is the past and black and white are all the times during the present as the Doctor thinks about Rose Tyler and how much he loved her).

Dedicated to my fantastic Madame [ profile] callistawolf for introducing me to this gorgeous, gorgeous song.
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A late Valentine's gift for my brilliantly fantastic flist!

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Just a small gift for my wonderful flist! Enjoy darlings!

Starts off angst-y, but promise a happy ending!!!

Summary: The Doctor never forgets Rose, especially on Christmas. There's nothing more he wants more than his Rose back.

Black & White: flashbacks
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Hope it was a wonderful day for you, chica!

Here's a little something, just for you.

Oh, and everyone else can enjoy it too. ;P

Anyone who can't see it, can try here.

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I'm alive! I swear, I thought I'd be able to keep up and write my reaction to Torchwood: Miracle Day, but I get distracted very, very easily. So, no reaction until it's over, probably.

Anyway, I'm here because I have a new ficlet for "Harry Potter." It's been a while since I posted to this fandom. I also posted a Harmony video to youtube since it is Mister Harry Potter's birthday.


Trust No One
Characters: Harry+Hermione
Words: 580
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: K
Summary: One-Shot! When there's no one left to trust, who do you turn to? (Set within Deathly Hallows.) HPHG!


The song, What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful), is sung by Backstreet Boys. This is the second video I've posted for Harry Potter. 

Hope everyone enjoys!

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I didn't know which music video I should upload or if I should post one at all earlier today. Then it came to me as I got home from work! Here is the first, and only (so far), Alice in Wonderland music video I've made. I'm actually quite happy with this one. I hope everyone else is too!

Click here and it'll take you to my video on youtube. ^__^

Enjoy everything I've posted today!

Time for me to get back to studying... (That's why I was anxious earlier - I have a test tomorrow... Bleh. I feel better - even though I'm not done studying; however, I think that just might be the Coke talking...)

Lots of Love on this Day of Love and Friendship!

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Guess what, guess what, guess what?

I have decided that tomorrow, on Valentine's Day (or Single Awareness Day, whatever you fancy - I like this title, by the way; hehe), I am going to post FOUR fanfics. That's right. FOUR. Well, kind of.

Three of them are one-shots and the other is...*drum roll*... THE NEXT CHAPTER FOR "She's My What?!?!?!" Oh yeah! It's not much, but it's coming along. Again, no promises as to when I will update next, but I finally finished the next chapter! It's actually one of two parts, but I don't have the second one yet. However, I have a pretty good idea as to where I'm going. (I've said this before, haven't I...?) The problem is...time. This week marks Week 7 of my Winter Quarter (we have ten weeks of school and a week of finals for each quarter). I have a lot of projects and papers to work on, so I won't have much time to write for pleasure. Again, I will try, though. I'd set an estimate, but I'm never even close, so I'm leaving it open for interpretation.

As for the one-shots, they're all categories I've written in. I have an Alice in Wonderland (2010 Movie), Harry Potter, and Tin Man ficlet waiting to be posted. None of them are mushy lovey dovey things, but I thought the day dedicated to Love and Friendship was as good as a day as any to post multiple stories. Although I didn't really need an excuse, but still.

Look forward to various posts tomorrow! Unfortunately, is blocked from the school's internet where I'm interning at and I don't get home from work (after internship) until later in the evening. If I don't update around midnight (Pacific Central Time), then I'll do so when I get home.

'Til tomorrow!


P.S. Oh! I might upload a music video too! Not sure yet about that, though...
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And, just as I promised, here's the Glitch and Azkadellia video I promised! I feel so proud of myself. =D I hope you enjoy!

Just press here and you're all set to go!


Song: Darkness- Darren Hayes

Az and Glitch feel discontented with their lives. For Az, it's not just the fact that her body is no longer her own, it's something else entirely. For Glitch, it's not just that he's missing half a brain. There's something else missing for both. What is being concealed in the darkness?

No copyright infringement intended. Video was created solely for entertainment. "Tin Man" belongs to SyFy and staff and "Darkness" is Darren Hayes' song.


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