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It's a good thing I still get e-mail alerts... I haven't read any entries, but I've seen the subject head and apparently it's been 7 years since 'Rose' first aired. :D (I promise I will catch up to my flist soon...ish.)

RTD, Mr. Eccleston, and Ms. Piper, I will love you forever and ever and ever for bringing us the Doctor and Rose. Even though I've been a fan for less than two years, the Doctor/Rose dynamic has probably been one of the longest times I've stuck to a fandom/ship.

In celebration, I will be posting a mostly-9/Rose video with a bit of 10/Rose thrown in that I've had in my hard drive for a while (as well as some other ones. (NO, NIA-CHAN, YOU MAY NOT WATCH IT UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN ALL OF SEASON 1 AND THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!) I'm currently editing it to get it posted before I leave the restaurant.

Also, I've had a fic lying in wait for almost a month. It's from a prompt from the [ profile] doctor_rose_fix 2011 holiday fixathon. Yeah...that late... So, I'll post that up in a bit too.

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(So while I was updating my master list, it turns out the entry is now too big. So I have separate entries for all categories.

I've combined Anime/Manga with Cartoons 'cause I doubt I'll write that many fics for the Cartoon category. Maybe more 
Danny Phantom and maybe Gargoyles. We'll see.

Most fics, currently, can only be found at FF.NET. They'll be edited and posted on LJ soon-ish.

The Doctor Who fics can be found on LJ.)

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

Overall Disclaimer: I own none of these series, I simply borrow them to play.

Fanfic Master List: Anime/Manga & Cartoons
Cardcaptor Sakura
Dragon Ball
Howl's Moving Castle
Sailor Moon
Shugo Chara!

Danny Phantom

Fanfic Master List: Books
Harry Potter
The Princess Diaries
Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries
Twilight Saga

Fanfic Master List: Movies
Alice in Wonderland (2010)
High School Musical Trilogy
Peter Pan (2003)

Fanfic Master List: TV Shows

Doctor Who
Tin Man

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(So while I was updating my master list, it turns out the entry is now too big. So I'll have separate entries for all categories.

These fics currently can only be found at FF.NET. Only the Doctor Who fics can be found on LJ. The rest will be edited and posted on LJ soon-ish.)

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

Overall Disclaimer: I own none of these series, I simply borrow them to play.

TV Shows:

Angel )

Doctor Who )

Tin Man )
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(So while I was updating my master list, it turns out the entry is now too big. So I'll have separate entries for all categories. I've combined Anime/Manga with Cartoons 'cause I doubt I'll write that many fics for the Cartoon category. Maybe more Danny Phantom and maybe Gargoyles. We'll see.

These fics currently can only be found at FF.NET. They'll be edited and posted on LJ soon-ish.)

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

Overall Disclaimer: I own none of these series, I simply borrow them to play.


Blood+ )

Cardcaptor Sakura )

Dragon Ball )

Howl's Moving Castle )

Inuyasha )

Sailor Moon )

Shugo Chara! )

Yu-Gi-Oh! )


Danny Phantom )


Nov. 8th, 2011 11:52 pm
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Huh, I didn't post anything yesterday...and I was doing such a good job of at least posting once a day! Darn.

Well, this will be short because I want to keep working on SMW. Yup, I am definitely working on the next chapter. It will have tidbits on each Shitennou/Senshi pairing; I wrote a little something for Kadeem (Kunzite)/Minako and am working on Zsigmond (Zoisite)/Ami. I'm also writing a little something for [ profile] then_theres_us' next challenge even though it's not a rewatch challenge. :( I got a couple of ideas brewing thanks to the prompts and a silly idea, once again, because of [ profile] bloose09; it's from her gif story of the previous challenge (#88). Can't believe they're still having an influence. :P I'm also hunting down Rory/Amy icons! I'd recommend a couple of fics right now, but I've decided to do that once a week, that way they're not all scattered about so I'll have a list up on Friday or Saturday.

Well, time to get back to work!


Nov. 1st, 2011 10:29 pm
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So, I was tutoring my student and one of the questions asked her to find the word that rhymed with roam. I see that one little word and I start humming Love Don't Roam. XD

Okay, now I'm off to make some hot chocolate and grab a doughnut so I can watch episode two of Once Upon a Time, then Recovery. I am trying to go through my Eccleston, Piper, and Tennant list of movies/shows to watch. I'm going to take a leaf out of [ profile] eloriekam's book and try to watch one each when I get home.

What to do tomorrow:
  • Watch Dalek before I go to work so I can get started on [ profile] then_theres_us' next challenge so I won't be writing it on my mobile at the last minute.
  • Why did only two other writers go for challenge 87? :( Well, check out [ profile] fannishliss' Domestic and [ profile] jessicaqueen's Cravings So Deep - which I almost missed! :/ Gorgeous pieces of work.
  • I get off of work at 5 so I'll work on SMW for a bit, then on my personal statements.
  • Watch... hmm, maybe something of Eccleston. Yes, Eccleston. I don't think I've ever seen anything of his.
  • I also want to get to the Halloween fics that were written for [ profile] bad_wolf_rising's ficathon. -
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH: [ profile] who_in_whoville WON SECOND PLACE FOR BananaBoi & BirdGrrrrl!!! Part 1 is rated Teen, Part 2 Adult.
  • I need to read the other ones 'cause, unfortunately, I was unable to browse BWR this weekend. :(
  • Also, [ profile] charlottetrips wrote a little snippet for Halloween. This way to Trick or Treat.


Oct. 20th, 2011 07:51 pm
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Still no wi-fi...


I've started my fic for [ profile] then_theres_us' next challenge, but Manni seems to have gone offline along with the internet. I have about two-hundred flowing (sort of) words and a few random sentences. The ending's done too, but I hope I can reword it. Something's just not right about it yet.


Chapter 28 of SMW only has two sentences...


I'ma head to the library tomorrow, see if I can prod Manni with an outting. Think I'm going a little crazy in my room...


On a side-note, I finished reading "The Clockwise Man" and am on chapter six of "The Monsters Inside".

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This is a music video for my dear Nia-chan (AKA [ profile] scutegirl) as a THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCHISIMO for buying me an LJ. Wuv you mucho, mucho, mucho! I tortured her a bit these last few days, but of course I was going to make making her her music video a priority over my fic. Sorry my dear readers, but my Nia comes first. It's a little late (I promised her midnight) 'cause I had to make one final correction and it takes forever to convert, then my laptop turned off. When it was finally done, I had to figure out how to embed it here and make my blabbering look like a decent format. >.<

You can go to youtube and view it there or watch it here. :)

(On a side note, I will have the next chapter of SMW out in the next couple of days. Also, I've been working on a new DW ficlet for challenge 85 while the video was converting and then loading.)

Time for Eli to go sleepy-bye 'cause she's gotta wake up early for her sister's IEP meeting and, hopefully, meet with this new, shifty counselor of hers...

Please let me know what you think!


Jul. 6th, 2011 02:41 pm
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Hello! Guess what? I am an official college graduate! You know what that means? That means I now have to hunt down a job in this disastrous economy the U.S. has inundated itself with. Not to mention most places ask you to have a driver's license... *Sighs* Well, that one is my bad... ANYway.

Sailor Moon! "She's My What?!?!?!" to be more precise. I have a new chapter ready to be typed and, thanks to someone pointing out, will be steadily making my way back to concentrating on Usagi and Mamoru. I don't know how that happened, but I have definitely been focusing way too much on the Senshi and Shitennou when it really is a story about their Princess and Prince's future. Someday I may write individual stories for the Senshi and Shitennou, but for now I'll just try to finish off with Ami and Zoisite's story, go through Makoto and Nephrite, and go back to Princess Moon and Prince Earth. XP I will definitely try to write more in-between hunting.

Admittedly, my new obsession with "Doctor Who" has been getting somewhat in the way. I'm currently working on my 7th music video for Doctor and Rose. I have refused to start a fic, though. I need to finish my current in-progress stories (SMW being the only incomplete story I actually have posted - what was I thinking?). I do have a few good rough ideas of what I'd like to write for this fandom, though. All happy endings, of course.

Alright, time to get to it! Hopefully next time will see a new chapters for SMW!

Wish me luck!


P.S. Anyone else excited for the last movie of "Harry Potter"?!?!?! My friends and I are hunting down tickets for the midnight release!

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Guess what, guess what, guess what?

I have decided that tomorrow, on Valentine's Day (or Single Awareness Day, whatever you fancy - I like this title, by the way; hehe), I am going to post FOUR fanfics. That's right. FOUR. Well, kind of.

Three of them are one-shots and the other is...*drum roll*... THE NEXT CHAPTER FOR "She's My What?!?!?!" Oh yeah! It's not much, but it's coming along. Again, no promises as to when I will update next, but I finally finished the next chapter! It's actually one of two parts, but I don't have the second one yet. However, I have a pretty good idea as to where I'm going. (I've said this before, haven't I...?) The problem is...time. This week marks Week 7 of my Winter Quarter (we have ten weeks of school and a week of finals for each quarter). I have a lot of projects and papers to work on, so I won't have much time to write for pleasure. Again, I will try, though. I'd set an estimate, but I'm never even close, so I'm leaving it open for interpretation.

As for the one-shots, they're all categories I've written in. I have an Alice in Wonderland (2010 Movie), Harry Potter, and Tin Man ficlet waiting to be posted. None of them are mushy lovey dovey things, but I thought the day dedicated to Love and Friendship was as good as a day as any to post multiple stories. Although I didn't really need an excuse, but still.

Look forward to various posts tomorrow! Unfortunately, is blocked from the school's internet where I'm interning at and I don't get home from work (after internship) until later in the evening. If I don't update around midnight (Pacific Central Time), then I'll do so when I get home.

'Til tomorrow!


P.S. Oh! I might upload a music video too! Not sure yet about that, though...


Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:09 pm
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How is everyone fairing? So~ I realize it's been well over a month, but I get distracted oh so easily. Let's see... I was reading Harry Potter fanfics at Portkey up until one of them mentioned The O.C. My dad used to watch it when it first came out, but I never did, so I gave it a shot. I watched the first season, then part of the second, but the main characters started annoying me with their high school drama (don't I feel old...), so I went back to reading. Then, another HP fic mentioned Doctor Who. I'd heard about it, but never really seemed that interested in it.

So, of course, I decided to check it out. The first episode was okay, the second one was interesting. Before I knew it, I had gone through the first season and was in love. Not just with the series, but with the Doctor and Rose dynamic. Oh, they were too perfect. I was hesitant to watch the second season because of the New Doctor, but he was too adorable not to love.

Once I finished the second season, I skipped ahead to watch the other episodes with Rose in them and that was that. I may go back just to see what other adventures the Doctor gets into (I have skimmed through a few non-Rose episodes, but briefly) because they're so interesting and Donna does intrigue me. I found her a laugh when I saw the episodes she and Rose were in. I love the interaction I saw with her and the Doctor too. They seem to have formed a strong sibling-type bond that I adore.

I've been able to download a few episodes, created a playlist for the Doctor and Rose, and have even started a music video on them.

What about my other works, you ask?

Well, I think I'm halfway to finished the next chapter of She's My What?!?!?! I was finally hit by some inspiration about a week back and hope to have it done in time for Valentine's Day, at the very least. NO PROMISES, however. I'd feel bad if I didn't get to it.

I have fanfics and music videos just waiting to be posted.

Fanfics pending post:

Alice in Wonderland- 2
Harry Potter- 1
Tin Man- 15
(All of them are one-shots.)

Music videos pending post:

Alice in Wonderland:
Tarrant+Alice- 1
Harry Potter:
Harry+Hermione- 1
Star Wars:
Anakin+Padme- 1 (thinking of waiting until I have a fanfic out on them)
Tin Man:
Cain+DG- 2 (not including the one I tried to post previously that wouldn't let the audio work)
Cain+DG & Glitch+Az- 1
Glitch+Az- 1
Logan+Marie- 2 (thinking of waiting until I have a fanfic out on them)

That's all, so far. Today I'm simply relaxing after a week of internship, work, and school. I have a birthday dinner to go to tonight with my best friends (the second one of us is turning 22), then I'm off to internship and work tomorrow. However, right now, I have decided to dedicate to finish posting the playlists to SMW, posting a new music video (not sure which yet, maybe the Alice one...or a Tin Man. Hmm... Anyway, then I'm going to post the next fic of the little series I have for Tin Man. Sound good?

Totally missed this and hope to do it much more often this year.



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I'm finally done for the quarter!!! Yay! I did my two finals on Monday, finished my internship hours last week, and finished with 1/3 of my students at work; I'll be done with the other two on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new Tin Man ficlet since it first aired three years ago (plus a week, but who's counting? =P). Even though I barely watched it this year, I feel like this has been one of my longest, most frantic devotion, fanfiction-wise. I've had plenty of ideas for other fandoms, but I've never written so much for one! Really, I think only Cardcaptor Sakura, Inuyasha, and Sailor Moon come close, but that's only because they each have their fair share of one-shots, plus a continuous story each.

So, a new Tin Man fic will be uploaded December 9th. It's the first of five interwoven one-shots.

The next chapter for Sailor Moon's "She's My What?!?!?!" is slowly being written. I'm so sorry for the lack of updates on this one, but it's become one of my toughest stories to complete (not including the in-progress ones I have on my flash drive/hard drive! I know I promised a playlist, so I'll post the master list (yes, there's a master list) right after this and then the specific pairing songs later.



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