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My apologies for missing last week's Ecclesunday. I was exhausted and blanked out. Better week, though. Only one more gif set of a CE film I've seen and then I have to watch something else of his! Yikes! ('Cause it's such a burden. ^__~) Welps, here you go:

Some of my favourite moments )

No, I am not imagining this is how overprotective the Doctor would be with his daughter.

For anyone who cares, I am halfway through chapter 4 of my Eleven/Rose college AU fic (professor/student - Rose is not one of his students, though) with 10 chapters in total planned to (hopefully) finish by October 30 to post first chapter on the 31st. Right on time to set up for my Nano fic. (Playlist here if anyone's interested.) Cheers!
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I followed in [ profile] who_in_whoville[ profile] larxene_12, and [ profile] kelkat9's footsteps and signed up for the NaNoWriMo. I have lots of ideas for continuous fics and series, so I'm going to take this as an incentive to try and have a Doctor Who series out by the end of the year. I've been trying to start this fic for a while, so we'll see how it goes.

The only thing I'll say is that it's a 10/Rose fic's basically a rewrite of season 2. Some of the episodes will be out of order and many scenes will be rewritten. It starts the day after The Christmas Invasion and may very well continue throughout... NOT TELLING! :P (More info on my page.)

Let's hope Manni is with me all of next month.

I don't know if the first part of the series will even cover the 50,000 words which is why I just put the title of the series.

First banner I've ever made. Using Paint. I totally blame Paint for any blatant horrors. I tried to center the title more, but by then I didn't have a blank copy so I just stuck 'Series' over Queen Victoria and every time I tried to remove the title completely so I could try and center it, the background looked weird. Eh, not bad for a first try, me thinks. I'll try and fix it again some other time.

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There have been no rec lists or reaction/rant posts about Once Upon a Time from me because last week I was super busy and today it's 'cause I have no internet at home. :( I've read a few fics on my mobile the past couple of weeks, so if anyone is wondering why I've reviewed, but not rec'd, that's it. I also can't leave super-long reviews like I'm sometimes prone to do as it's not ideal to do so on my mobile... :(


I've even put off on reading [ profile] who_in_whoville's Found & Lost because of it. *SOB* I don't mind reading one-shots or short stories as I don't usually leave long reviews for those, but I did since Who's The Lost Day and don't want to break that chain, no matter how much it's killing me as the first chapter of the sequel was just posted, but I don't know how long I'll last... AND I MISS THE GUTTER!!! Two weekends is too much...


Will be reading the one-shots on my list starting tomorrow hopefully, while work is slow.

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Okay, what we have here is a playlist for my Sailor Moon "She's My What?!?!?!" fic. It took forever and a day to get through this. I had posted each list on individual entries before, but that's before I figured what LJ cuts were all about! A lot of them are repeats at the beginning, but all these songs are totally worth it, believe me! They have helped Manni, my muse, a lot whenever I get stuck.

Songs for Sparse Action Scenes )

Songs for Every Couple )

Songs for the Shitennou and Senshi )

Songs for Jinhai (Jadeite) and Rei )

Songs for Nahele (Nephrite) and Makoto )

Songs for Zsigmond (Zosite) and Ami )

Songs for Kadeem (Kunzite) and Minako )

Songs for Mamoru and Usagi )
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So... Not sure exactly who's going to be checking for updates on SMW, but I decided to update anyway. Zsigmond (aka Zoisite) will soon have a dream about a certain someone... Ah! I knew writing this out would have been a good idea! I was going to have him avoid Ami, but then that would make him like Mamoru. Then again, they don't know he...ah! Okay, okay, I have a certain idea for further in the chapter. My problem is Zsigmond's actual dream. I know what I want, I just haven't been able to put to words... *Sighs*

Maybe if I just jot down ideas and make an outline before actually writing it... I'll be in Hawaii next Saturday (a late birthday present), so maybe when I have free time there (I'm going to visit my cousin, who's stationed there), I'll post play lists. I'd do it later, but I have work, then I'm off to the Anberlin concert in Anaheim!

Keeping at it!


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Guess who's back? Yes, it's the Great and Terrible Updater! I shouldn't be proud of that...and I'm not! I'm so sorry people, I'm just a horrible updater (as you should know if you read my fics...). I'm back and with a new obsession! Need a hint? *Points to second sentence* So~.

Good news or Good news?

Good news it is!

Finals are almost here! Which means what exactly? It means I'll soon have more time to read and, that's right, WRITE! I just have one more paper to write and finals and I'm done! That's the only reason it's good news, so it's really half bad news because, well, finals are almost upon me, but this is good news for you readers.

And good news is:

ALICE IN WONDERLAND IS COMING OUT ON DVD TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm that excited. In fact, I'm dragging my mother to take me to Target to buy it after school. I will have it, damn it, if it's the last thing I do! In order to celebrate this wonderful event, I'll be posting a silly little poem I wrote (you will all have someone to blame as soon as I post it, it didn't come from me 100% that's for certain). That will be up in the morning or early afternoon. Once I have bought and seen the movie again, (for only the second time ever, can you believe?) I will post a little one-shot I have.

Now that that's over with (for now), I have news for my readers/reviewers of "She's My What?!?!?!" even though they don't know about my LJ yet...:

I have TWO NEW chapters done now, they just need editing and fine-tuning. I have also gone through each and every chapter to tweak them (horrible typos and grammatical errors) AND they will now have translations at the bottom of my author's notes. I also have a playlist I'll be posting here soon, once I get the new chapters updated.

And best of all? I have discovered and fallen in love with "Tin Man" after it being out for THREE years! (Less than two and a half, technically...) Yes, that's where the second sentence of this entry came from. I just came from reading a few fics... I also have four that I've already written and a shite load of ideas for... *Drum roll* Cain and DG, of course! I also want to check out a few music videos, but should really do that for "Alice in Wonderland" first...

Okay, I'm done for now. Must finish that paper and
go to sleep for school tomorrow. Will be updating in a bit.


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I'm a little chirpy (just finished watching the latest episode of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" - so good!) and I felt like sharing my 'fortune.'

"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails."

Ironic, considering it's super windy in Cali and it was being rather...pushy. XD

I've written a bit more of Chapter 18 of "She's My What?!?!?!" and I hope to finish it tonight. If I do, I'll post Chapter 17 (which is really, really short) this weekend. ^___^

Ja ne!

P.S. I think it might be the Cherry Coke I had for lunch...

Fic Ideas

Apr. 28th, 2010 06:53 pm
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Why is it that I'm getting so many ideas for other stories, but can't seem to get a spark for my Sailor Moon story (which can be found here)? I really want to finish it and I know where I'm going. Getting there is the hard part. >.< Maybe if I get everyone I want to write out, then I can fill-in-the-blanks. Huh... I now have two more Tarrice ideas, have written two "Tin Man" ficlets, wrote a short Tarrice fic, and know what I want to do for a story I started a while back. *Sighs* I'll post the ones I've written soon enough. Maybe the silly poem I wrote for a prompt (first time I ever answer one). We'll see.
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I think I spent the better part of an hour minimizing all of my interests to fit the maximum capacity of 150...

Hi all!

I like to go by Elizabeth or Eli for short. Anything you'd like to know about me is on my profile. For an extended version of all my interests, you can visit my fanfic profile

Reason for being here? One word: Tarrice. Okay, it's actually two, Tarrant and Alice. I put their names together like that, although, as I've seen they usually combine it as Talice or Halice (Hatter+Alice), but I came up with that combo before I completely buried myself in it's goodness. I'll blab more about them when I join the beautiful community of Terribly Late. ^___^

So, guess what? Today is one of my best friend's, Nia-chan's, birthday as well as Earth Day!



In light of these special events, I posted my first ever Tarrice fanfic which can be found here. This is the summary:

One-Shot! It's been 3 years since Alice fell down the hole. Hearing the meowing of a cat at the Ascot estate, she follows it right to the same rabbit hole...although she couldn't say for certain it was this hole she had taken a nasty fall into. Tarrice
Alice in Wonderland, 2010 - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,029 - Published: 4-22-10 - Mad Hatter/Tarrant Hightopp & Alice K. - Complete

It's not much but I can assure you there will be MUCH more to come, but I really want to finish a Sailor Moon fic that has been going on for far too long. I have a total of TWENTY ideas for the Tarrice fandom so I will definitely be back for more. I may post blabs once in a while too; I'll actually TRY to keep one of these although I'm horrible at it, no matter how much time I spend on the internet. Anyway, I also have a short poem inspired by a prompt (my first time ever answering one) that I'll post in a few days.

For now, I'ma go explore more Tarrice loviness (later, I really should be getting some sleep...).

Any questions?

Eli out.


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