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Dedicated to my Nia-chan! (aka [ profile] scutegirl)
Summary: Rumpelstiltskin has a dark past. Can he and Belle move past that? (Came out much more angst-y that I'd thought it would...)
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*Did not like last two episodes*

Now, I didn't hate them, but they were also somewhat rather predictable. One thing I am continuing to love are the flashbacks of everyone's 'real lives'. The twists and turns of our fairy tales are taking is awesome to see!

Language warning.


Part 1 )

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree-

Part 2 )

Will continue to watch if only because I love the flashbacks. Plus, who knows? Once Upon a Time has always surprised me, so maybe it'll do so again.
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Jan. 9th, 2012 09:36 pm
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Thank goodness ABC posts each new episode online.

I adored watching Rumpelstiltskin's story. I want to know more! Like, what happened to his son? No matter how evil he became with the 'dark powers', I don't think he'd kill his child. He might have been the 'price' though. I wonder if this is why he's always trying to gain a child.

Rumpelstiltskin as Mr. Gold is bonkers. Not in a good way.

I admit, I kind of freaked out when Gold told Emma "I recognize a lost soul" or something like that 'cause that's just what the other dude told him when he got his powers. That better not end up being his price.

Twas interesting to see Gold go up against the mayor like that. What's his angle in all this, though? Hmm...

Yup, totally love Once Upon a Time 'cause even though there are so many things that make me wonder, I can easily let it go and wait for next week. Obviously couldn't do that with Doctor Who as I just raced through each episode a year ago. XD

Hmmm, not really a reaction as much as ramble. Eh.


Dec. 4th, 2011 10:22 pm
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Once Upon a Time Spoilers... )

Side note/Recommendation:

This is really all I've read in quite a while, but it was amazing!

Apparently, I missed a good bit at [ profile] bad_wolf_rising. There were wonderful manips as usual and [ profile] jer832 and [ profile] fogsblue were playing fic potato and this is what came of it -

Keeping Warm in Cardiff

Short, sweet, and hot! Best combo ever! Well, right next to long, sweet, and hot when time permits. :)

Okay, I think I will be going to sleep soon. I have a headache and...yeah, who am I kidding? I'm going to go catch up on CharmingSlayer's fic now. I'm just going to switch to my mini laptop 'cause this one already turned off when I was almost done with this entry a few minutes ago. Thank goodness for autosave! At least this way I can snuggle into bed already. The room is freezing and I can't turn on the heater since my laptop already overheats without help, thank you very much.

Ta ta for now!


Nov. 14th, 2011 12:45 am
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Okay, I think Sundays are a good time to post recommendations. (Yes, I know it's officially Monday now, but it's not yet in Hawaii! XD)

Weekly Recommendations )

Be warned, OUaT spoilers ahead... )


Nov. 6th, 2011 10:41 pm
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I was rather cranky earlier and just super-tired, even after watching Once Upon a Time, but I read a few fics that perked me right up.

Three fantastic! fics this-a-way )


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Nov. 2nd, 2011 11:05 pm
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Okay, haven't gotten around to it, but I joined [ profile] ecclescult via [ profile] fannishliss' rec and I was able to download The Revenger's Tragedy. I will watch it tomorrow after work. I didn't get to watch Dalek this morning so I had to replace watching a CE work with that. I have two, short ideas fluttering about for challenge 88 so we shall see which one takes fruit; I'll be off to [ profile] then_theres_us in a bit before sleepy-time because I'm sure [ profile] bloose09 has something for me. :P

Last night/early this morning I did get to watch episode 2 of Once Upon a Time and Recovery. So emotional~.

Once Upon a Time

Spoilers )


Spoilers )
I have work tomorrow from 4PM-8PM, so I'll work on my one-shot(s) for challenge 88 and be adding more to the next chapter of SMW before then.

Buenas noches!


Nov. 1st, 2011 10:29 pm
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So, I was tutoring my student and one of the questions asked her to find the word that rhymed with roam. I see that one little word and I start humming Love Don't Roam. XD

Okay, now I'm off to make some hot chocolate and grab a doughnut so I can watch episode two of Once Upon a Time, then Recovery. I am trying to go through my Eccleston, Piper, and Tennant list of movies/shows to watch. I'm going to take a leaf out of [ profile] eloriekam's book and try to watch one each when I get home.

What to do tomorrow:
  • Watch Dalek before I go to work so I can get started on [ profile] then_theres_us' next challenge so I won't be writing it on my mobile at the last minute.
  • Why did only two other writers go for challenge 87? :( Well, check out [ profile] fannishliss' Domestic and [ profile] jessicaqueen's Cravings So Deep - which I almost missed! :/ Gorgeous pieces of work.
  • I get off of work at 5 so I'll work on SMW for a bit, then on my personal statements.
  • Watch... hmm, maybe something of Eccleston. Yes, Eccleston. I don't think I've ever seen anything of his.
  • I also want to get to the Halloween fics that were written for [ profile] bad_wolf_rising's ficathon. -
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH: [ profile] who_in_whoville WON SECOND PLACE FOR BananaBoi & BirdGrrrrl!!! Part 1 is rated Teen, Part 2 Adult.
  • I need to read the other ones 'cause, unfortunately, I was unable to browse BWR this weekend. :(
  • Also, [ profile] charlottetrips wrote a little snippet for Halloween. This way to Trick or Treat.


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