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Whelps, this is the final Tuesday of the Tenth Doctor Month and this will be my last Tennant Tuesday post for a while. Nano starts up soon and I'll be focusing on that and then hopefully my other fics after that. This has been fun! Again, to parallel my Ninth Doctor Month gif set, I have the Doctor looking at Rose the way only he can. With love and adoration.

The Doctor loves Rose and Rose loves the Doctor; it's a universal fact )

Bonus. GAH, THE WAY HE SAYS HER NAAAAAAAAAAME. Only the Doctor can say her name like THAT. And the one life he has and he wants to spend it with her. His Rose Tyler. *floats away on a happy cloud of Doctor/Rose shagging for all of time, together, just as it should be*

Happy Tennant Tuesday/Tenth Doctor Month!
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The Doctor will always be protective of Rose, whether she's there or not. We've seen his enemies cower in fear of the Oncoming Storm, but I've never seen the expression as intensely as it is when it comes to Rose's safety.

If someone takes her away from him... heaven's help them. Come on! It took a whole bloody other universe to separate them. As RTD said, "In the end I sort of though we created a companion who was so alive and dynamic and so wedded to the Doctor that you’d need a whole universe to contain her in. The only way to get rid of her is to send her into a parallel world from which she can never return; otherwise she would stay with the Doctor forever."

And the Doctor would have let her.

Intensity ahoy )

He kinda turns into Shouty McShout, but sometimes that quiet intensity... *shivers*

Whelps, that's my two cents for today.

Happy Tennant Tuesday/Tenth Doctor Month!

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While the Doctor and Rose's relationship moves forward, it's like one step forward and two steps back with the Doctor (LOL, I totally stole that from Theory of a Deadman's Not Meant to Be which I'm listening to right now). He is such an idiot and an arse a lot of the time, but, well... since we're already talking about music, can I just say "He's a tramp, but [we] love him" fits so appropriately? (THANKS SPOOKY, I WILL HAVE TO MAKE THAT FANVID NOW.) Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and let ya'll enjoy the gifs.

Arse, and not the proper kind )

(ALSO, I'M SORRY I MISSED THIS WEEK'S ECCLESUNDAY. Had a long, exhausting day. I will definitely do the upcoming one, though.)
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Oh, look. Here’s another bastard that can get me to smile and cry. In my opinion, DT, BP, and CE have the best smiles around. They can also make you drown in tears. Or at least feels.

I hope you guys appreciate this post because I most definitely was drowning in the the sad feels with those last few gifs. It hurt to see the Doctor like this, missing Rose.

Happy Tennant Tuesday/Tenth Doctor Month!

His FACE )

Also, here’s a bonus for ya’ll:

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My first Tennant Tuesday post! I decided last month that I would do Tennant Tuesday posts to celebrate Tenth Doctor Month. These are going to parallel my Ecclesunday/Ninth Doctor Month posts from last month. I'm very much a 'same man always' type of gal, so these show just how much the Doctor is the same even throughout regeneration. Some traits and mannerisms may change, but underneath it all, he is the Doctor who loves Rose very much.

(Got the tumblr post here, but with lower-quality gifs)

So in love )


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