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Decided it was also time to restart my rec lists. These are all the fics I could remember that I read this week which is actually a lot more than usual. Will try to post every Monday. These lists will consist of completed fics as I have paused in reading WIPs for my own sanity’s sake.

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*coughs* Or not... That is rather a lot of fic I've been holding onto since February... At the same time, not enough reading. Damn you real life.

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I really do think LJ was being LJ though. It's not that long.

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I really miss the days when I read fics every week and could post a weekly list. These longs lists make me afraid I'll miss one. Just know that I eventually comment/reblog and love 'em! And there's still a lot more waiting for me in my inbox! (And apparently I've been holding on to these too long that I need to post it in two parts...)

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Weeeeee, I've been playing catch-up with more flist fic since...last month? Two months ago? And am slowly nearing the point where there will be no fic in my inbox and I can finally get to what's in my bookmarks! Also, on tumblr. Also, please excuse the one fic that isn't Doctor Who. And also, no regrets on the David/Billie RPF!

A Chapter Can Be a Book (6/6) by [ profile] fogsblue
10/Rose, Reinette, Jackie Tyler, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Mickey/Martha, Wilf, etc.
Summary: It's 'The Decoy Bride' with Doctor Who characters. The Doctor is meant to be marrying Reinette, but in order to confuse the press, they use a decoy. Things don't go according to plan...

[ profile] callistawolf
Give In To Me
9/Rose, Jack; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Ninth Doctor has been acting extra prickly since Jack Harkness came on board the TARDIS.  Rose has just about had as much of his behavior as she can handle and she's ready to take matters into her own hands.

Baby, it's Cold Outside
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Set after "Transgressions", the metacrisis Doctor tries to plan the perfect romantic holiday outing for Rose. Mother Nature has other plans.

Howl (4/4)
10/Rose; reunion, smutsmutsmut
Summary: Rose, trapped in the parallel universe Post-Doomsday, keeps having the same dream every night. "The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress/Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest/The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound/I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'd ground." - Howl by Florence + The Machine.

Turning Tables (13/13)
10/Rose, Madame de Pompadour, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler; angst, smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor has a chance to show Reinette the stars, but at what cost? Rose is at a crossroads and must decide which path to take to lead herself to a better life.

[ profile] kelkat9
The Gift
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It's Rose and TenII's first Christmas in Pete's World as they enjoy decorating the tree which turns into a bit of naughtiness under the tree

Losing Control
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor lets loose the Oncoming Storm while protecting Rose and the guilt of it ways him down. As always, Rose knows how to make him better and won't allow him to suffer alone. What better way to show him how much she loves him than with a bit of shower smutz!

Corruption Never Felt So Good
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Rose rescues Ten in an unusual way.  There are natives, shagging and naked Ten

The Doctor's Special Gift
10.5/Rose, Jackie; crack
Summary: Blame who_in_whoville - she emailed me the picture this morning so this fic is dedicated to her!

A Hundred Times
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut, crack
Summary: In celebration of 100 followers on tumblr and for flashmanfan - I give you some smut!

10/Rose; smutsmutsmut, crack
Summary:  Ten/Rose reunion fic.  Rose returns.  They row and things get steamy, especially after she finds out what the Doctor was doing with a certain purple shirt that was left behind after the events at Canary Wharf.  Obviously an AU reunion. Blame callistawolf!  She sort of threw the bunny at me.

[ profile] larxene_12
Full Body Experience
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: After yet another adventure, the Doctor gives Rose a massage. Things happen and smut ensues.

A Bird in the Hand (Two in the Bush)
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: What starts as an innocent picnic on their honeymoon quickly escalates into something else entirely.

Tell Me
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: “Do you want me, Rose?” He whispered. “Tell me you want me.”

10/Rose; bit angst-y, non-explicit smut
Summary: It's Christmas Eve, and Rose has given up hope. But Christmas is a time for miracles, and Rose is about to get her own.

First Christmas
David/Billie; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It's David and Billie's first Christmas together in their new flat, and David wants to celebrate it in style.

[ profile] fannishliss
How They Got Together
9/Rose, John/Sherlock; Superwholock!
Prompt: Rose and the Doctor (of your choice) learn of the existence of a betting pool on how they'll "get together".  Somehow, out of that, I managed to wrangle a SuperWhoLock fic.  I could not let 2012 go without writing a SuperWhoLock, so here is Sherlock deducing the Doctor and Rose in a Pub with Winchesters.

The Last Words of Bad Wolf
9/Rose; angst
Summary: scene from Parting of the Ways: canon-compliant = angst

Her Golden Fire
9/Rose; angst-y, smutsmutsmut
Summary: Coda and AU to Parting of the Ways.

Thy Eternal Summer
8/Rose implied; drabble
Summary: When he is most alone, someone who loves the Doctor is right there with him.

The Doctor and the Priestess of Pythia
8/Rose implied
Summary: A runaway Prydonian, formerly affiliated with the House of Lungbarrow, steals a type 40 Tardis and flees illegally into Gallifreyan backtime. As is the danger with backtime, he becomes embroiled in a snare of destiny, paradox, and things he can’t quite remember. Here is the story of that great Hero and the inauspicious interview with a Pythian Seer that changes his fate forever by giving him a mission and a reason to live.

[ profile] soaring_smiles
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Above them the last explosion paints the stars red. He's too busy devouring her to notice.

Girl Next Door
human!11/Rose; AU, Teen
Summary: It takes precisely 47 seconds after that for her to fall in love with him, and another three minutes to realise it.

10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It occurs to him that the first time had been only illuminated by flashes of lightning, shadows hiding them both from each other. He said he'd do it better, the next time.

By whosintheattic
Sweet December (6/6)
10.5/Rose; fluffy smutsmutsmut
Summary: In the days leading up to their first Christmas together in Pete's World, Rose copes with the Doctor's ugly Christmas jumper, and he searches for the perfect gift to give her.

[ profile] ladyriona
Anytime, Anyplace
David/Billie; smutsmutsmut
Summary: When David said to her, "Anytime, Anyplace," he didn't quite think she'd really take him up on it...

An Evening in the 1920s
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Well.  They go to the 1920s.  Then they have sex.  Pretty straightfoward.

Holiday in the States
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor and Rose visit the States for some much needed time off from Torchwood.  They make good of their time off with a game of hide-and-seek.

[ profile] shelwass
The Great Pearnana Protest of 2013
10.5/Rose; hilarious!
Story Excerpt: He shot up, smacking his head against the faucet, and winced. “Rose!” he exclaimed. “There’s something horribly wrong with your bananas!”

Tiny Time Lord
11 & Craig Owens; lots of giggles!
Summary: There's a familiar toddler on Craig's doorstep.

By Khatt
In Other Words
Summary: Rose is having difficulty finding the right music for her upcoming wedding. The Doctor insists it's because they've shifted to a different universe. Does he know more than he's saying? TenIIniverse, sequel to "In with the New" and "The Doctor, the Teacup, and the Wardrobe".

10/Rose, 10.5/Rose; drabble, angst
Summary: Doctor/Rose drabble. Ten's thoughts as he watches Rose and TenII.

10/Rose; post-Doomsday, angst
Summary: Rose remembers when the Doctor took her to see a star implode. After the events of the Battle of Canary Warf, she has no difficulty in understanding how it feels.

[ profile] eloriekam
Snow, Soup, and Mirrors on a Rug
10/10.5; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor travels through the snow on a quiet holiday night for different people.

Non-Ode Ode to Thighs
Summary: Several months ago I left a note in my fic kittens file of 'Ode to Thighs'. I can't write an ode for anything, but the idea of spending a little bit of time talking about DT's thighs appealed to me.

[ profile] charlottetrips
Summary: How to trick the trickster

For Every Line You've Not Crossed
Mulder/Scully, William
Summary: Scully was well-versed in the language of barriers.

Summary: For the longest time, all he heard was “no.”

[ profile] who_in_whoville
Miracle on High Street (3/3)
Doctor/Rose, 10 AND 10.5, sorta; fluffy fluffy fluff! go read nao!
Summary: Rose works for Henrik's. She needs a Santa, pronto. AU of Miracle on 34th Street...with a twist.

George by bittie754
9/Rose; crack
Summary: The Doctor is kidnapped on a Looney Tunes planet and Rose must save him. Crackfic.

Bound for Glory by
[ profile] yumimum
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: A wise man once said, ‘All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’ But then again, the Doctor realised as his captor secured his leather-bound wrists to the headboard, old Walt hadn't reckoned on one Rose Marion Tyler, had he?

Twas the Night Before Regeneration by enchantment
The Doctor
Summary: The night before the tenth Doctor’s regeneration, he wanders through the TARDIS corridors. He arrives at an old storage room full of old companions' personal belongings and takes a stroll down memory lane.

How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It) by Everything is Magic
10.5/Rose, Pete/Jackie, Tony Tyler; humor
Summary: Ten IIxRose. Jackie Tyler wants more than anything to have a normal Christmas morning with Pete, Tony, Rose, and the Doctor. In fact, she'll do anything to make sure that desire is fulfilled. Look out, universe!

Instinct by SamiWami
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut, possessive!9
Summary: Rose and the Doctor visit a low-level telepathic race. The Doctor knows something is wrong, so naturally, they get themselves invited to the ball that night. But when Rose spends a bit too much time away from the Doctor, things get a little heated.

[ profile] kahki
One More Night
David/Billie; rpf, smutsmutsmut
Excerpt: “Hey Dave, how’ve you been?” was her opening line, a code they’d worked out long ago to signal to the other that their spouse was within earshot.

Not Over You
David/Billie; rpf, smutsmutsmut, sequel to One More Night
Excerpt: In a quiet flash, she was across the hall, knocking on David’s door.

They Always Know by Janna Silver Hawkins
9/Rose, Jack, TARDIS; humor, fluff
Summary: Trying to find two simple things in the TARDIS can be almost impossible, unless you're Rose Tyler.

Starbucks by
[ profile] onabearskinrug
10/Rose; crack
Summary: Rose needs a little pick-me-up, so she drags the Doctor into the nearest Starbucks. Wackiness ensues.
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Aaaand, as usual, I can never keep an actual 'weekly' rec list. Oh well. Here's what I've read so far (though I'm not even HALF-WAY through my list of recent fics posted/updated). I actually kept pretty good track this time around. As always, don't forget to leave the writers some love!

Amazingly fantastic fics found here )
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Wow, it's been so long since I've posted one of these hasn't it...? It's not that I haven't been reading, it's just that I haven't been keeping track... I will try harder, but no promises. Mostly, I'm still trying to read fics by my flist.

Here's my in-progress list which holds new updates and new fics I started.

This list holds flist fics and from the Autumn Fixathon at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix (*coughs* these may be all the completed ones while the continuous ones are in my in-progress list...).

Autumn Fixathon fics )

Flist fics )


*eyes list suspiciously* I know I'm missing some... Grrr. Well, I hope you enjoy whatever I have listed here!!!

ALSO!!! CHECK OUT THE AMAZING FANART/MANIPS THAT RESULTED FROM THE [ profile] doctor_rose_fix Autumn Fixathon.

Fanart/Manips )

Okay, that is all. Good night everybody. *iz dead*
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I know. I'm horrible. I haven't posted any recc lists recently and I just know I didn't copy links to my notepad of reccs. :( However...

I posted a prompt at the Autumn Fixathon for [ profile] doctor_rose_fix and hoped beyond hope someone would pick it up because there is just not enough 11/Rose out there.

I was super-lucky and got two replies. [ profile] shadowneko003 and [ profile] soaring_smiles both replied.

Here is Soaring's fic. :D (scroll down as I linked for the start of the prompt. I was FLAILING. I LOVE Soaring's work and am so glad she took the prompt.

Now I eagerly await Shadowneko's respond. :D

(I'm also gathering a recc list of the most recent fic I've read that should be posted sometime... *grumbles about RL*)
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Haven't really checked it out, but I will soon! And it's the Gutter! Nothing but hotness and amazingness can await!

Yes, my mobile decided to play this song when I was doing this post.
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I need to show off the double drabble [ profile] laialda wrote for my birthday called Hues. Go read please~. It's GORGEOUS. <3 <3

Thanks again, bb!!!


Jul. 25th, 2012 10:51 pm
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Obviously I'm a horrible person. I forgot to rec StarryNight101's fic! She's currently working on one called 100 Songs for 100 Moments and it's just what it says on the tin. Every time she uploads a new part (they're all separate onr-shots) I rec it (you know, if I like it ;P ). It could use some loving, constructive critcism, etc. for this new part (it's 10/Rose, post-Doomsday, Rose-centered). Also check out the rest, if you get the chance! Please and thank you!

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Yeah, obviously not going to be WEEKLY recommendations with the way RL keeps butting in...

In-Progress fics here.


By [ profile] jessicaqueen

Meeting on a Winding Path
Rose, Jimmy, Nine
Summary: “He’s not who you think, you know. He puts on a good disguise, but eventually he’ll reveal just how dangerous he is.”

Slight Little Red Riding Hood parallel and lovely 400 word fic of pre-Rose.

Five Billion Years Old (And Still Young)
Ten, Jack
Prompt: [ profile] fortisgreen asked for Jack to meet up with his possible future self, The Face of Boe.

Lol, it's Jack. Need I say more?


2 Little Whos by [ profile] imightbe_wrong
Cloen/Rose  Rated: R (soft-focus sex)
Summary: "2 little whos/(he and she)/are under this/wonderful tree." poem: 2 little whos, e.e. cummings

This. I love this.


Eyebright by [ profile] if_you_see_alie
Summary: The Doctor asks the universe for just one thing. Surprisingly, it answers back.

REUNION! Starts angst-y, but has a happy end. Aren't these the best?


I Am in Darkness/Sending Words to You by [ profile] arwen_elen
Ten/Rose  Post-TWoM
Summary: He was caught between this girl's past and future, suspended in a dark space without her...

;__; Heart-breakingly lovely.


Now by [ profile] soaring_smiles
Summary: Careless lips and flying hair, and little things I may not tell/ And he's back, a shadow in her doorway.

Wow. Can I just say... WOW.


The Hollow Man by [ profile] amberfocus
Summary: Instead he deflects, he puts off, he tries to do anything except let her see how much this is killing him, too. He fails at that.

*Sniffles* I mean, her reputation preceeds her. I've only read a few of her stories and I adore it. So why are you still reading my comment? :P


By [ profile] timelord1

A Bad Patch
Summary: The Doctor hits a bad patch, and finds it hard to care.

*Points to title* Just think about it. It makes a certain something in the show even more angst-y.

The Brightest Thing
Summary: Three months human and he was an abject failure at it. Every day he felt more lost and confused than the day before...



All About Her by [ profile] fannishliss
Ten/Rose  Rated: R
Summary: redcirce  prompted at the doctor_rose_fix summer fixathon: "Ten/Rose, any rating, no angst-- The Doctor is indeed asexual, AND him and Rose have a sexual relationship."  Right down my alley apparently!  :D

*Points to summary* And they still make it work.


By Khatt/woodspriteanon

The Doctor, the Teacup, and the Wardrobe
Summary: TenII is stuck at home while Rose Tyler is at work. HOW can he possibly amuse himself for an entire five hours? One-shot fluff, sequel to "In with the New", but you don't have to read that to enjoy this one

A wardrobe, a teacup, and the Doctor. Need I say more? Very sweet and funny!

Never Say that I was False of Heart
Shakespeare, Ten/Rose, angst
Summary: The Doctor can't put his loss into words, so he goes to see the only man who can - William Shakespeare. Ten/Rose, oodles of Shakespeare references, and just the right amount of angst. Takes place right before Ten runs into Donna in "Partners in Crime".

*Sniffles* As I said in my review: Heart-wrenchingly gorgeous.


By Snorcackle

Found while I was craving some Cloen/Rose. :)
If you need a bit of fluff, here's the way to go!

Summary: The Smiths have never been a particularly traditional couple by any standards, but something happens that might challenge their typical lifestyle just a bit.

This was SO CUTE!!! Please go give this little fic some love.


Summary: If nothing else, at least one decision in Rose Tyler's life was simple. Just a bit of 10.5/Rose fluff.

As I said in my review, Another cutey! :)



ransmigrates across Void to body of Cloen"

Since RL sucks and eats time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you all could please try and link me 10/Rose reunion fics OR Journey's End/The End of Time fix-its (AS LONG AS CLOEN DOES NOT BECOME ~EVIL OR WHATEVER - but I do accept "Ten's soul transmigrates across Void to body of Cloen" as [ profile] fannishliss put it or "Cloen sacrifices himself for the greater good" or something that DOES NOT diminish Cloen *huggles Cloen close*) you've written that would be great! I will try and hunt them down myself, along with others.

Thanks for your help. :)

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I SWEAR I'm not stopping weekly recommendations. They were just temporarily on hiatus while I caught up to my reading list after a temporary illness... I still haven't caught up completely (and really, these are mostly fics I read before I got sick), but this is what I've got so far. As always, in-progress fics are here.

Summary: Picks up where Journey's End left ff with Rose and Human!Ten. Absolute fluff.
Looking for happy, fluffy 10.5/Rose stories? Well, look no further 'cause this story is IT! Domestics still scare him to death, but he knows some things can change and he can have the life he always wanted with who he wants his forever with. *Squishes story*
Summary: Alternate scene set at the very end of "The Satan Pit" as Rose and the Doctor are reunited on the TARDIS. Certain rules are established.
This happened. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. ;P
Summary: You can feel worlds and universes colliding in your head, the searing heat, the tempestuous flames licking at your insides. It's golden and hot and burning, burning everything and anything you were, are, will be.
Nine/Rose; Parting of the Ways
Interesting perspective. :)
Warning: mild nudity
Summary: He hadn't expected the night to turn out so well.
Doctor/Rose; 100 words
Even his Time Lord biology can't save him from that. ;)
Summary: Written for [ profile] 365challenge's prompt in the [ profile] then_theres_us ficathon:
Captain Jack Harkness just thinks he's so funny."
Jack gives Rose an idea... Hehehe.
Summary: I’d only realized the other day that The Stone Rose takes place between New Earth and School Reunion, which obviously is pre-The Satan Pit. It made me want to write a drabble about the Doctor’s speech with that fact in mind.
Step into the Doctor's mind as he thinks about the only one he believes.
Living the High Life by [ profile] laialda (5/5) (It took me a little while to find part 5, there's the link in case anyone has a hard time too.)
Summary: While traveling with Donna, Ten accidently injests an alien hallucinogenic that makes him believe Donna is actually Rose. Forced into an awkward situation with a suddenly happy and bestotted Time Lord, she will have to make a decision that could involve breaking his heart all over again.
Ten, Donna, Implied Ten/Rose
OH. MY. GOSH!!! This story. This. I just. I can't. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The characters are perfectly in character and it makes you laugh (because it's Donna and the Doctor!) and it makes you cry (because of Rose-less Doctor!), and it is just SO worth it.
Summary: The first time he married her, he didn't tell a word. After all, it wasn’t his fault a life bonding on Glarkon meant having yellow goo poured over their heads.
Funny, gorgeous, and just a bit sad at the end of it all, but with a dash of hope because we all know who he was thinking about at the end of his Ninth life. *Sighs*
Summary: He keeps writing to her. It's not helping much.
Eleven/Rose; Cloen/Rose
It is sad. It is gorgeous. *CRIES*
Summary: Thirteen year old Rose always wanted to talk to her father. Would the magics of All Hallow's Eve give her that chance? From the Doctor's perspective, this follows after Waters of Mars.
Rose, Shireen, Ten; Post-WoM
A lovely, bittersweet tale.
Summary: By Rose and the Doctor's standards this Christmas is certainly different. Warning: Plenty of Doctor (Ten2) and Rose fluff ahead.
Fluffy, fluff fluff~. So fluffy it made me tear up a bit.
Summary: Sequel to Feel. The Doctor and Rose try to figure out where things stand between them after his regeneration.
ROFL!!! TARDIS I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE NOW!!! Feeling down? Here, have a plate of chocolate biscuits. HEE!
Summary: it was clear Rose was intent on going out, and the TARDIS repairs weren’t finished yet, so he couldn’t just drag her off on a new adventure instead. Despite his better judgement, he finally reached a decision. “OK, I’ll come with you, but I’m not dancing!”
Possessive Nine? Check. Pretty Rose getting her way? Check. Nine singing? Check. :D
Summary: It was an ordinary night closing up Henrik's. In another timeline, it once had been an extraordinary night ... 
Lovely introspection piece with BigBang!Rose.
Summary: There is too much that ends
The Doctor
It's general, but I dunno...could just be my shippy heart. ;)
Summary: Ten's thoughts as he and Rose discuss mortgages, doors and carpeting
LOL!!! It's Who. Need I say more? Yes? Okay. I LAUGHED SO FREAKIN' MUCH!
Summary: Ten's thoughts in the depths of Krop Tor 
GAH! One of the best canon scenes (I BELIEVE IN HER) with a bit of scope into the Doctor's head brought to you by dear Who. The Doctor really does torture himself too much, doesn't he?
Time Crash Redux by Khatt
Summary: Time to open the eyes. Coral struts, just as he'd expected. The faint green glow of the time rotor. And a skinny, spectacled git in pinstripes mucking about with the console controls. ... When the Reaper attacks him during the events of Father's Day, the Ninth Doctor ends up in a familiar place with an unfamiliar pilot. Established Ten/Rose, told from Nine's POV.
Ten/Rose, Nine
I just found a new favorite author. Move out everyone else. LOL. Just kidding. There's enough in my heart for you all. Mind you, I may need to grow a second one soon because there are just too many talented people out there that they may not all fit soon. And yes, it's late/early, so mind the rambling.
Did you not notice NINE included in there? You didn't? Well, obviously that's why you didn't click on the link right away! One word, well four, for you: knickers on the console. (NO. Sorry people, not rated Adult. :P )
Summary: He acts all gruff and angry, but he's really a hopeless romantic. "Nine-is-an-old-Softie" drabble.
Nine/Rose; drabble
I. LOVE. And if I loved, you will love too. Nine, Rose, sonic screwdriver. (NO. Get your head out of the gutter. Or is that just me? :P ) They really aren't much for pomp and circumstance, especially when it comes to their own... :D
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So I've finally decided on something. I have an awesome flist and I barely read most of their work or have yet to read any. This is going to change. Besides reading the in-progress fics, an updated list which can be found here, I am also going to try and read at least one fic of each friend once a week. I've already started. Let's hope I can keep it up. I am determined to read through as many as possible. I have lists. Seriously, I do. (Just pray/hope I don't get distracted...)

I don't think I've ever mentioned this in my reccs, but...remember to give the authors some love please!

The Red King by [ profile] charlottetrips
Summary: For two millennia, he only had one purpose in life. There was nothing he wouldn't do to achieve it.
Rory Williams, PG-13

*Cries* RORY~. It is gorgeous. It will break your heart. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Living the Life Fantastic by [ profile] charlottetrips
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Rose had always known that the Doctor would eventually come back for her after he left her at Bad Wolf Bay. She just didn't know how late he was going to be. Told from an outsider's perspective.
Ten/Rose, Donna

*Sobs an ocean* It broke my heart, but the writing was so worth it, as always.

Lupercalia by [ profile] xsilverxlightx
Summary: Written for [ profile] the_idiotgirl's prompt at the [ profile] then_theres_us ficathon: "Eleven, Amy, and Rory are at a museum. What do they stumble upon but the statue of Rose that the Doctor carved." As a Classicist, I couldn't resist a prompt that involved the Doctor spouting random knowledge about Ancient Rome and The Stone Rose will forever be my favorite of the Doctor Who books so really this was just perfect.
Doctor/Rose, Amy/Rory

I LOVE how in character they all are. I can totally see this as a missing scene.

A funny think happened on the way to giving birth by emeraldeyeddaughter/[ profile] emraldeyedauter
Summary: Sort of AU. Rose is married to the Tenth Doctor and they are expecting their first child very very soon but there is a little bit of trouble on the way to Jack and Cardiff.

Hilarious and fluffy. Simply adorable! :D

Feel by [ profile] develish1
Summary: The Doctor tries to convince himself he's not becoming attached to Rose.
Nine/Rose; Post-Father's Day

Lovely bit of introspection with the Doctor finally realizing true facts. :)

Geometry is Pointless by [ profile] strange_charmed aka [ profile] kilodalton
Summary: The Doctor sees math as something simple, beautiful and artistic. Rose ... doesn't.

You will never hate math again. ;)

Proxy Kiss by [ profile] who_in_whoville
Summary: Ten's thoughts as Casssandra/Rose kissed him

I died of laughter; it was too perfect.

From the Sky to the Ground, They All Fall Down by [ profile] jessicaqueen (2/2)
Excerpt: “Shh,” Rose said. Strangely, she felt completely calm, having had to push her own slowly-growing panic down to deal with his. She’d never thought she would see him like this. Even though she hated that it had come to this, she was glad that she could at least be here for him when it happened.
Ten/Rose, PG-13

This could easily be an unfilmed episode.

Her Tenderness by [ profile] fannishliss
Summary: The Doctor huts his hand and Rose helps him take care of it, aka Nine!Hand!Porn.

All I can say is that I adored it.

How Lovely are Your Branches by [ profile] timelord1
Summary: The TARDIS materializes around a pine tree. Rose thinks the Doctor did it for her, for Christmas. He's not about to argue.

Lol, reading a holiday fic during the summer is fun!

Living a Life by [ profile] callywaggy
Summary: Rose and Ten II living their lives, day after day.
Cloen/Rose; Series

I couldn't resist reading all of it. I hope more is added!
Five little one-shots/drabbles about 10.5 and Rose. Sweet, hilarious, and a dash of angst. My favorite combo. :D
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I'm back~. Sort of.

Current in-progress fics I'm reading can be found here. Most recently read are stories by [ profile] who_in_whoville and [ profile] lumendea (of course), and [ profile] shelwass and [ profile] isilienelenihin have now joined my foray of in-progress fics. :)

Basically, read anything at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix's Spring Fling Fixathon.

Also, read everything by [ profile] shelwass. I did and am. :) Here's her Teaspoon profile.

You don't need me to tell you this, but there are a lot of awesome fics at [ profile] then_theres_us as well.

This is probably the worst recc list ever, but I promise to keep better track of my readings from now on.

*Dashes off to keep reading [ profile] isilienelenihin's The Long and Winding Road.*
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Wah~! I'm really, really behind on my reading list. Really, all I did was catch up on two in-progress fics I'm following and read the first story of a completed series. I WILL GET TO TWO OF YOUR STORIES THAT I HAVE ON MY LIST [ profile] charlottetrips AND THEN [ profile] ohfortuneslost's FIC AND THEN READ THE FICS AT [ profile] then_theres_us FROM THE PAST THREE WEEKS! Soon...ish... :( Evil school stuff and real life. Bleh. Need to catch up on flist and [ profile] bad_wolf_rising too. Busy, busy week and especially weekend with all the family/friend stuff.

For now, this is what I read.

100 Songs For 100 Moments (12/100) by StarryNight101 (on

Summary: Based off of 100 different songs, each chapter is a short story about the Doctor and Rose, inspired by the song. 10/Rose, with bits of 9/Rose, 10.5/Rose and 11/Rose. Full details inside.

10/Rose. Post-Doomsday.
*SOB* So this is just what the tin says. Starry is currently on her twelfth song which is Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. If you know it, you'll realize just how perfect it is. She was worried the chapter didn't really fit, but I think it did. Please check this out and review! She only received two reviews for the previous entry and really deserves a lot more!
(I'm not going to add this to my 'in-progress' list 'cause they're all basically one-shots so they will be different each time.)

You are My Home (19/??) by [ profile] xsilverxlightx - Chapter One here

Summary: Victorian AU with Nine, Rose, Jack, Jackie, and whole lot of other characters.

9/Rose, Jack. AU/AH. Victorian Era.
Fluffy and will soon be filled with more adventure~. :D

Found & Lost (10/??) by [ profile] who_in_whoville
The Doctor takes Rose to Barcelona to visit those noseless dogs, but the dogs are disappearing. Part of my AU series re-telling of Season 2, with the "adventures in between," and references to canon events.

10/Rose. Season 2 AU. Barcelona.
I have not read chapter 10 yet (just realized Who updated), but am rec-ing 'cause I know it's gonna be awesome like the rest of the chapters and its prequel (whose first chapters can be found here if you click on this pretty long link).

The Key to Time from The Key to Rose Series by CharmingSlayer (aka [ profile] lumendea) (on Teaspoon)
Summary: After Doomsday the universe remains damanged but the White Guardian comes to the Doctor with a plan to use the Key to Time and restore the universe. As part of the bargin he will also help the Doctor find Rose. The Doctor must gather the six segments of the Key to Time and then get help from all his previous selves to cross the void but with the Master and the Black Guardian seeking to stop him it will not be easy. Ten/Rose reunion story! No series three.

10, K-9, White Guardian, Black Guardian (and some Classic Companions/Assistants!!!)
This is the series I started reading. The first story deals with Ten collecting the pieces to the Key to Time something and it'll help him...with something. :)

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Long (but fun!) day, short week. Didn't read much, did not even finish half of my to-read list (but found some happy unexpected fics via flist). Will play catch-up with comms and flist tomorrow.

Tangled by [ profile] ladykannie
Summary - It's both everything and nothing like she dreamed it would be.

First time poster! Great way to start off my week: with an absolutely gorgeous one-shot that follows Rose throughout her relationships and what seems to be missing and then, finally, being with the Doctor.

Timey Wimey... Stuff Series by CharmingSlayer (aka [ profile] lumendea) - On Teaspoon
Overall Summary - The adventures of the present and the future as the Doctor and Rose find a balance in their lives together. It's hard being married to a Time Lord and raising five kids when you jump across your own time line and into alternate universes. Reunion and family series.

10/Rose. Post-The Last of the Time Lords.
Yup, I read a whole series. I don't know how this woman writes such fantastic stories with a basically already done idea and makes it all her own, but she does it so marvelously! A few short continuous fics and some one-shots. ~34,000 words in total.

So [ profile] timelord1 popped up with a lot of ficlets this past week. :D

Summary - The Doctor has two tickets to the Deathcoaster. Rose is going to need some convincing to join him.

It may not be safe, but it's...go read what it is! Though I'm sure all you devout fans know exactly what I mean. ;)

Sassy Jack Saves the (Dooms)Day)
Summary/Excerpt - This is the Doctor. He is about to send Rose, the love of his life, to a parallel universe to keep her safe. This fate could have been avoided if he'd had a sassy gay friend.

10/Rose. Jack, Jackie.
Can I just…? LOL!!! I'd never seen the videos though I'd heard of them, so I took the opportunity to watch the one linked and she did this absolute justice!

Lush Lush
Summary - The Doctor takes Rose to a Midwestern American shopping mall. Nobody knows why. Things happen there, and then other things.

Nothing like a good Time Lord drunk on soaps and such. That's all I'm saying.

Time Cook 1 &2
Summary - The Doctor has a new companion, and maybe a happy ending at last

10/Rose. OC.
Hehehe, as you can see, most of these fics were LOL-worthy with enough fluff to send you to the dentist. This one's no different. ;)

Also, [ profile] xsilverxlightx has updated You are My Home - 18/?? (link to first chapter found here). 9/Rose, a variety of other canon characters. AU Victorian Era.

Yup, that's all folks. I am determined to finish the last series I have left from CharmingSlayer this week, plus the ones I didn't get to this week.

'Til next time!

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Got to read a lot of fics this past week! Granted, most of them were one-shots, but there are a good few continuous and a couple of new in-progress fics as well!

(Late because my laptop wasn't been cooperative and, really, it's a long list - gotta love cuts sometimes! - so it took me a while to compile and then make sure everyone was here.)

One-shots AND continuous-

Have fun! )

Drabbles from [info]who_contest (theme 'Cold')-

Shot and (bitter)sweet... Some are just outright angst. )

Recommended in-progress stories-

Fics to follow! )
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This entry is solely for any in-progress fics I may be reading and will be updated faithfully along with my weekly rec list. These are links for the first chapter or master list to anyone who may have not read them yet; the latest chapters will be linked on my weekly list.

Currently (October 15, 2012) working on-

You will need a dentist, but IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

You are Cordially Invited by [ profile] shelwass (27/??)
10/Rose, Jackie, Jack, and more!
Summary: All they wanted was a normal wedding.

      Part of the series Love and the Stuff of Legend.
Overall Summary: The journey of the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler as they fall in love. "My Hearts Will Go On" is the focal point where their love is finally actualized; all other stories are prequels and sequels.

Season 4 rewrite with Rose!!!

The Long and Winding Road by [ profile] isilienelenihin (59/??)
10/Rose, Donna, Martha, Jack, Torchwood
Summary: An AU retelling of season 4, beginning with "The Last of the Time Lords" in season 4.

     First part in the All Roads Lead to Home series.
Overall Summary: Rose Tyler and the Doctor have both changed, in the time they spent apart. They're both a little awkward and a quite a bit broken, but they're together, and maybe, just maybe, the universe will be kind.

One of the best timey-wimey stories ever!!!

The Companion Connection by [ profile] lumendea (62/??)
Summary: Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth, Star Knight and student at Cambridge is trying to stay focused on school work, but with UNIT on campus what is a girl to do? Third in the Guardians of the Universe series.

    Part 3 in Guardians of the Universe series.
Overall Summary: Rose Tyler encountered her first hostile alien and the Doctor when she was eleven years old. Everything for her changed creating an entire new universe where the Black and White Guardians watch over a single human girl. But can a girl from the Powell Estates really face the horrors of the universe and everything determined to stop her from becoming what she can be?

(Can also be found on Teaspoon. Master list here.)

AU, suspenseful, romantic, emotionally-draining. It's the Doctor and Rose, what do you expect? ;)

Found & Revisited by [ profile] who_in_whoville (10/??)
Summary: Jackie insists upon seeing John and Jane Smith get married in 1963. On the way back home, the TARDIS takes a wrong turn, stranding newly pregnant Rose, a very edgy Doctor, and a very angry Jackie in 1963 London.

    Part four of the Found Verse
AU, sort of alt-Human Nature/Family of Blood, but only a little.

Love Feels No Burn by [ profile] timelord1 (2/??)
9, his companions (I ain't spoilin' nothing! Go read AtWFD first!)
Summary: The Doctor's companion is there when John Gatesmith is born, and she's going to do everything she can to execute him.

    Prequel to As the World Falls Down (6/6)
9/Rose, Jackie...some other awesome and evil characters
Summary: Rose Tyler rarely speaks. She is invisible. One day, she decides to take a walk down a tree-lined road to meet the madman that lives at the other end.

AU/AH !!! Fluffy fluff fluff!

You are My Home by [ profile] xsilverxlightx (19/??)
9/Rose, Jack, lots and lots of other characters
Summary: Victorian AU.

Canon compliant. Heart-wrenchingly breathtaking.

Ghost by [ profile] if_you_see_alie (3/??)
11/Rose, TARDIS, Amy, Liz 10
Summary: A story about Rose Tyler and memories that should never be forgotten.

Umm, I think I'm in love. THIS HAS ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT. River is just awesome here. Her short interaction with Rose made me laugh and Eleven is all: NO ONE WILL TAKE HER FROM ME. (Okay, not really, but close enough.) I'm loving it and anxiously await more!

Don't Cage the Wolf by Khatt/[ profile] woodspriteanon (6/?)
11/Rose, the Ponds, River Song
Summary: If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow: Don't trap the Doctor, and don't cage the Wolf.


New London High 'Verse by [ profile] timelord1 (link leads to every entry tagged as such - CHECK IT OUT. SO MUCH FANART/MANIPS HAVE BEEN INSPIRED; plus a fanmix from dear TL1)
John(9)/Rose, Seth(10), Evan(8), Ian(11), Donna, Martha, Jack, Amy, Rory, and more!!!
Rose (start here of course)
Summary: Rose Tyler's first day at New London High begins at "Run!"
The Physics of Friendship (2/2)
Summary: New friends, old enemies, and a tough guy with a secret talent. Oh, and one diagrammed sentence.
Grounded (2/2)
Summary: Some things are worth getting busted over...
Chemistry (3/4)
Summary: In which several plots thicken, and dinner is eventually served.

So many amazing AUs are popping out! Fluff, a dash of angst, and heaps full of drama.

My Fair Rose by [ profile] who_in_whoville (15/??)
Summary: Part of the Movie!Verse. Rose Tyler is a stage actress. John Smith (Ten) is a bookshop owner. What happens when they start a family without ever having given themselves the chance to fall in love? Odd mashup of Notting Hill and Fools Rush In.

An 11/Rose/Cloen (eventually?) post-JE fic. Plus Donna. And maybe a way to save Donna?? What more could you want?! Hee.

The Ten, the Ace, and the Queen of Hearts by [ profile] washedawaycloud (5/?)
11/Rose/Cloen, Donna
(Click the tag with the title for each following chapter.)

Western Style Who. Howdy. ;)

Temporal Obscura by [ profile] foxmoonfade (3/??)
Summary: Steampunk-Western AU. Rose's life as a saloon girl is rife with excitement-but not the kind she truly craves. She thinks she's doomed to a life of grabby hands and gnarly cowboy teeth until a mysterious stranger sweeps into town in his blue stagecoach and takes her on the adventure of a lifetime.

End of Time/Eleventh Hour AU. *wibble*

To Flare and Fade by [ profile] foxmoonfade (2/3)
11/Rose, angst
Summary: End of Time/Eleventh Hour AU. What if the Doctor hadn't been able to hang on, and regenerated in front of Rose on Jan 1, 2005, before they were supposed to first meet?

What are you still doing here? Go and read! :P


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