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3. Bra-Shopping

(Note- I tried to make it smutty, but it wasn’t cooperating. Still, fluff’s always good, yes? Word count: 595; Written for Foxy - AKA [ profile] foxmoonfade)

Pre-planning... )
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I was going to ramble about RL, but decided to share this first. I'll be back later this evening and will also hopefully reply to some of the more recent comments.

12/Rose this a'way! )

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Might Drive Me Crazy (6656 words)
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Seventh Doctor/Rose Tyler, The Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, The Doctor's TARDIS
Additional Tags: Humor, Romance, Concert, Smut
Summary: The Doctor takes Rose to a Def Leppard concert and they run into someone unexpected...

A late birthday prezzie to Whoville ([ profile] who_in_whoville)!

Find on Teaspoon and/or reblog/like on tumblr!

(Again, I apologise for not replying to comments entries! Been going through a lot in RL. Some of you know, some of you don't. I'll be updating everyone here on my flist soon enough. Hope you're all doing well in the meanwhile!)
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Showing Restraint (1870 words) by lunarsilverwolfstar
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who, Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: The Doctor/Rose Tyler, Eighth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: The Doctor (Doctor Who), Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Additional Tags: PWP, Smut, Food Porn, trope bingo, Humor, Romance
Series: Part 2 of From Forever to Eternity
Summary: This body had a thing for sweets. But the Doctor will always have a craving for one Rose Tyler

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Too Long a Wait
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Eleventh Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, TARDIS
Additional Tags: Smut, Console Room smut, Reunion, Reunion Sex
Summary: "He'd waited over two hundred years to say that and would make sure from now on that he didn't let any time with Rose become a chasm filled with regret."

A late birthday prezzie to my fantastic [ profile] fogsblue. Love you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH [ profile] tkross23 for the beta work!
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Title: Your Best Years are Yet to Come (2/2)
Part II: ...and Beyond
Characters/Pairings: Tentoo/Rose, Doctor/Rose; The Tylers
Rating: Adult (just a little snippet of smut...)
Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Fluff
Words: 4,500
Summary: Just when they thought they'd get their forever... The universe has another plan for the Doctor and Rose, but eventually nothing will be able to come between them.
Author's Note: See~? I told you! Didn’t I tell you all I’d be back with a solution? I’m just sorry it took me this long! Also, these are really just snippets and not really a story. I’m sorry. But you still get a happy end? Of course, this would not have been possible without the wonderful Aaa. Thank you so much to some wonderful ladies who helped me work out some of the kinks and my brilliant beta, [ profile] callistawolf, for helping me through this wretched story. [ profile] aaalaska, I'M SORRY BABY. I'M SORRY. But here you go.
They are the Doctor and Rose Tyler... )
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Title: Red Banana Sauce (1/1)
Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Words: 201
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;)
Summary: The Doctor discovers banana sauce and he is not amused.
Author's Note: I blame [ profile] callistawolf for this (this is her picture). Thanks to Paige for knowing what this tastes like! This is just a humourous Doctor/Rose ficlet.


RED banana sauce... )
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Summary: The Doctor remembers his time with Rose. (Colour is the past and black and white are all the times during the present as the Doctor thinks about Rose Tyler and how much he loved her).

Dedicated to my fantastic Madame [ profile] callistawolf for introducing me to this gorgeous, gorgeous song.
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Title: Smaller on the Inside (1/1)
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff
Words: 1,188
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;)
Summary: The one time the TARDIS is actually smaller on the inside is when Ten and Rose rode together. Fluff with a Doomsday fix-it
Author's Note: Dedicated to my [ profile] callistawolf after she watched Doomsday for the umpteenth time and liveblogged it. Thank you [ profile] foxmoonfade for the idea! This is for you too! Summary is Foxy’s words, by the way.


The three of them always. )
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Title: Their Baby at Play (1/1)
Series: Day After Day- Random Drabbles and Other Assortments
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humour
Words: 581
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;) Also, some of the dialogue, along with the gif set is obviously not mine.
Summary: The TARDIS has some fun with the chameleon circuit.
Author's Note: I was overwhelmed by the adorableness of this gif set by noyouplum and [ profile] fogsblue asked for fic. How could I resist?

He felt a jab of annoyance coming from the [TARDIS]... )
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Title: Time to Rest (1/1)
Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst/Romance
Words: 601
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to Doctor Who. I simply use the characters for my own fun and give them right back. ;)
Summary: The Doctor's time has finally come.
Author's Note: I was going through my files on Drive and noticed I had a document of prompts I liked from [ profile] doctor_rose_fix's fixathon from last fall. The first one I had grabbed my attention and this little baby was born. Warning - character death!
Prompt by[ profile] isilienelenihin: "Because I could not stop for death; he kindly stopped for me." - Emily Dickenson


This time, nothing could separate them. )
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Dedicated to my Nia-chan! (aka [ profile] scutegirl)
Summary: Rumpelstiltskin has a dark past. Can he and Belle move past that? (Came out much more angst-y that I'd thought it would...)
Come watch... )
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So, I'm catching up like a good little girl and I read [ profile] fannishliss' entry here that basically says how we should try to comment/review on people's work more. I totally agree. As it says in her entry, we all work hard on our fics/fanart/manips/fanvids and we do it out the joy we get out of it. We share it because we want others to enjoy it as well. It's nice to hear that you like our work.

Now I have no complains 'cause I have an awesome flist, but we should really try to do our best to comment/review on other people's work. I totally understand that sometimes we forget since we get so into a story or we want to jump straight to the next fic/work, or real life takes over that we don't get a chance to.

Even though I tend to fall super behind when RL gets in the way or when I'm being lazy (*gasps* yes, it happens to me too :P ), I always try to comment as often as possible. I used to be so good that I would review each and every chapter I fell behind on, but now with what little time I have, that's not always possible, but I always comment on the last/latest chapter and if they're individual works (one-shots, fanart, fanvids, etc.), I comment on those too even if it takes me forever and a day. Just ask [ profile] shelwass, lol.

Anyway, just thought it was an interesting and nice entry. ^__^

Welps, time for me to get back to studying...
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*coughs* Or not... That is rather a lot of fic I've been holding onto since February... At the same time, not enough reading. Damn you real life.

Last bit of wonderfulness, for now )

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I really do think LJ was being LJ though. It's not that long.

And more wonderfulness )

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I really miss the days when I read fics every week and could post a weekly list. These longs lists make me afraid I'll miss one. Just know that I eventually comment/reblog and love 'em! And there's still a lot more waiting for me in my inbox! (And apparently I've been holding on to these too long that I need to post it in two parts...)

Wonderfulness waiting to be read )
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Weeeeee, I've been playing catch-up with more flist fic since...last month? Two months ago? And am slowly nearing the point where there will be no fic in my inbox and I can finally get to what's in my bookmarks! Also, on tumblr. Also, please excuse the one fic that isn't Doctor Who. And also, no regrets on the David/Billie RPF!

A Chapter Can Be a Book (6/6) by [ profile] fogsblue
10/Rose, Reinette, Jackie Tyler, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Mickey/Martha, Wilf, etc.
Summary: It's 'The Decoy Bride' with Doctor Who characters. The Doctor is meant to be marrying Reinette, but in order to confuse the press, they use a decoy. Things don't go according to plan...

[ profile] callistawolf
Give In To Me
9/Rose, Jack; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Ninth Doctor has been acting extra prickly since Jack Harkness came on board the TARDIS.  Rose has just about had as much of his behavior as she can handle and she's ready to take matters into her own hands.

Baby, it's Cold Outside
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Set after "Transgressions", the metacrisis Doctor tries to plan the perfect romantic holiday outing for Rose. Mother Nature has other plans.

Howl (4/4)
10/Rose; reunion, smutsmutsmut
Summary: Rose, trapped in the parallel universe Post-Doomsday, keeps having the same dream every night. "The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress/Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest/The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound/I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'd ground." - Howl by Florence + The Machine.

Turning Tables (13/13)
10/Rose, Madame de Pompadour, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler; angst, smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor has a chance to show Reinette the stars, but at what cost? Rose is at a crossroads and must decide which path to take to lead herself to a better life.

[ profile] kelkat9
The Gift
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It's Rose and TenII's first Christmas in Pete's World as they enjoy decorating the tree which turns into a bit of naughtiness under the tree

Losing Control
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor lets loose the Oncoming Storm while protecting Rose and the guilt of it ways him down. As always, Rose knows how to make him better and won't allow him to suffer alone. What better way to show him how much she loves him than with a bit of shower smutz!

Corruption Never Felt So Good
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Rose rescues Ten in an unusual way.  There are natives, shagging and naked Ten

The Doctor's Special Gift
10.5/Rose, Jackie; crack
Summary: Blame who_in_whoville - she emailed me the picture this morning so this fic is dedicated to her!

A Hundred Times
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut, crack
Summary: In celebration of 100 followers on tumblr and for flashmanfan - I give you some smut!

10/Rose; smutsmutsmut, crack
Summary:  Ten/Rose reunion fic.  Rose returns.  They row and things get steamy, especially after she finds out what the Doctor was doing with a certain purple shirt that was left behind after the events at Canary Wharf.  Obviously an AU reunion. Blame callistawolf!  She sort of threw the bunny at me.

[ profile] larxene_12
Full Body Experience
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: After yet another adventure, the Doctor gives Rose a massage. Things happen and smut ensues.

A Bird in the Hand (Two in the Bush)
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: What starts as an innocent picnic on their honeymoon quickly escalates into something else entirely.

Tell Me
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: “Do you want me, Rose?” He whispered. “Tell me you want me.”

10/Rose; bit angst-y, non-explicit smut
Summary: It's Christmas Eve, and Rose has given up hope. But Christmas is a time for miracles, and Rose is about to get her own.

First Christmas
David/Billie; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It's David and Billie's first Christmas together in their new flat, and David wants to celebrate it in style.

[ profile] fannishliss
How They Got Together
9/Rose, John/Sherlock; Superwholock!
Prompt: Rose and the Doctor (of your choice) learn of the existence of a betting pool on how they'll "get together".  Somehow, out of that, I managed to wrangle a SuperWhoLock fic.  I could not let 2012 go without writing a SuperWhoLock, so here is Sherlock deducing the Doctor and Rose in a Pub with Winchesters.

The Last Words of Bad Wolf
9/Rose; angst
Summary: scene from Parting of the Ways: canon-compliant = angst

Her Golden Fire
9/Rose; angst-y, smutsmutsmut
Summary: Coda and AU to Parting of the Ways.

Thy Eternal Summer
8/Rose implied; drabble
Summary: When he is most alone, someone who loves the Doctor is right there with him.

The Doctor and the Priestess of Pythia
8/Rose implied
Summary: A runaway Prydonian, formerly affiliated with the House of Lungbarrow, steals a type 40 Tardis and flees illegally into Gallifreyan backtime. As is the danger with backtime, he becomes embroiled in a snare of destiny, paradox, and things he can’t quite remember. Here is the story of that great Hero and the inauspicious interview with a Pythian Seer that changes his fate forever by giving him a mission and a reason to live.

[ profile] soaring_smiles
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Above them the last explosion paints the stars red. He's too busy devouring her to notice.

Girl Next Door
human!11/Rose; AU, Teen
Summary: It takes precisely 47 seconds after that for her to fall in love with him, and another three minutes to realise it.

10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: It occurs to him that the first time had been only illuminated by flashes of lightning, shadows hiding them both from each other. He said he'd do it better, the next time.

By whosintheattic
Sweet December (6/6)
10.5/Rose; fluffy smutsmutsmut
Summary: In the days leading up to their first Christmas together in Pete's World, Rose copes with the Doctor's ugly Christmas jumper, and he searches for the perfect gift to give her.

[ profile] ladyriona
Anytime, Anyplace
David/Billie; smutsmutsmut
Summary: When David said to her, "Anytime, Anyplace," he didn't quite think she'd really take him up on it...

An Evening in the 1920s
10/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: Well.  They go to the 1920s.  Then they have sex.  Pretty straightfoward.

Holiday in the States
10.5/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor and Rose visit the States for some much needed time off from Torchwood.  They make good of their time off with a game of hide-and-seek.

[ profile] shelwass
The Great Pearnana Protest of 2013
10.5/Rose; hilarious!
Story Excerpt: He shot up, smacking his head against the faucet, and winced. “Rose!” he exclaimed. “There’s something horribly wrong with your bananas!”

Tiny Time Lord
11 & Craig Owens; lots of giggles!
Summary: There's a familiar toddler on Craig's doorstep.

By Khatt
In Other Words
Summary: Rose is having difficulty finding the right music for her upcoming wedding. The Doctor insists it's because they've shifted to a different universe. Does he know more than he's saying? TenIIniverse, sequel to "In with the New" and "The Doctor, the Teacup, and the Wardrobe".

10/Rose, 10.5/Rose; drabble, angst
Summary: Doctor/Rose drabble. Ten's thoughts as he watches Rose and TenII.

10/Rose; post-Doomsday, angst
Summary: Rose remembers when the Doctor took her to see a star implode. After the events of the Battle of Canary Warf, she has no difficulty in understanding how it feels.

[ profile] eloriekam
Snow, Soup, and Mirrors on a Rug
10/10.5; smutsmutsmut
Summary: The Doctor travels through the snow on a quiet holiday night for different people.

Non-Ode Ode to Thighs
Summary: Several months ago I left a note in my fic kittens file of 'Ode to Thighs'. I can't write an ode for anything, but the idea of spending a little bit of time talking about DT's thighs appealed to me.

[ profile] charlottetrips
Summary: How to trick the trickster

For Every Line You've Not Crossed
Mulder/Scully, William
Summary: Scully was well-versed in the language of barriers.

Summary: For the longest time, all he heard was “no.”

[ profile] who_in_whoville
Miracle on High Street (3/3)
Doctor/Rose, 10 AND 10.5, sorta; fluffy fluffy fluff! go read nao!
Summary: Rose works for Henrik's. She needs a Santa, pronto. AU of Miracle on 34th Street...with a twist.

George by bittie754
9/Rose; crack
Summary: The Doctor is kidnapped on a Looney Tunes planet and Rose must save him. Crackfic.

Bound for Glory by
[ profile] yumimum
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut
Summary: A wise man once said, ‘All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’ But then again, the Doctor realised as his captor secured his leather-bound wrists to the headboard, old Walt hadn't reckoned on one Rose Marion Tyler, had he?

Twas the Night Before Regeneration by enchantment
The Doctor
Summary: The night before the tenth Doctor’s regeneration, he wanders through the TARDIS corridors. He arrives at an old storage room full of old companions' personal belongings and takes a stroll down memory lane.

How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It) by Everything is Magic
10.5/Rose, Pete/Jackie, Tony Tyler; humor
Summary: Ten IIxRose. Jackie Tyler wants more than anything to have a normal Christmas morning with Pete, Tony, Rose, and the Doctor. In fact, she'll do anything to make sure that desire is fulfilled. Look out, universe!

Instinct by SamiWami
9/Rose; smutsmutsmut, possessive!9
Summary: Rose and the Doctor visit a low-level telepathic race. The Doctor knows something is wrong, so naturally, they get themselves invited to the ball that night. But when Rose spends a bit too much time away from the Doctor, things get a little heated.

[ profile] kahki
One More Night
David/Billie; rpf, smutsmutsmut
Excerpt: “Hey Dave, how’ve you been?” was her opening line, a code they’d worked out long ago to signal to the other that their spouse was within earshot.

Not Over You
David/Billie; rpf, smutsmutsmut, sequel to One More Night
Excerpt: In a quiet flash, she was across the hall, knocking on David’s door.

They Always Know by Janna Silver Hawkins
9/Rose, Jack, TARDIS; humor, fluff
Summary: Trying to find two simple things in the TARDIS can be almost impossible, unless you're Rose Tyler.

Starbucks by
[ profile] onabearskinrug
10/Rose; crack
Summary: Rose needs a little pick-me-up, so she drags the Doctor into the nearest Starbucks. Wackiness ensues.
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Title: Our Perfect Universe
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Rose
Rating: G
Genre:  Romance/Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1,617
Summary:  One-shot. Two lonely beings are reunited as they learn that love will always find a way. Post-Doomsday, Journey's End never happened.
Disclaimer:  I claim no ownership of  Doctor Who  or the song  Love Will Find a Way.
Author's Note:  This is my first official 11/Rose fic. StarryNight101/[ profile] roseeverafter has been a great reviewer and online buddy for quite a while so this story, which she prompted a few months ago at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, is written especially for her. The prompt? Eleven/Rose+Lion King 2’s “Love Will Find a Way”.

A HUGE thanks to  [ profile] isilienelenihin  for her wonderful beta work!


They can have the world/We'll create own )


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