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My apologies for missing last week's Ecclesunday. I was exhausted and blanked out. Better week, though. Only one more gif set of a CE film I've seen and then I have to watch something else of his! Yikes! ('Cause it's such a burden. ^__~) Welps, here you go:

Some of my favourite moments )

No, I am not imagining this is how overprotective the Doctor would be with his daughter.

For anyone who cares, I am halfway through chapter 4 of my Eleven/Rose college AU fic (professor/student - Rose is not one of his students, though) with 10 chapters in total planned to (hopefully) finish by October 30 to post first chapter on the 31st. Right on time to set up for my Nano fic. (Playlist here if anyone's interested.) Cheers!
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One of my favourite things about Christopher Eccleston is his face. It’s very, very expressive. He also wears scruff well. *drools a little*

The Borrowers was the first ever time I saw something with CE in it outside of Doctor Who. I thought it would be appropriate if my next set of gifs were of Pod Clock. This is one of two sets. Second one will appear next week.

Happy Ecclesunday! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Pod Clock )

*scratches head* I don't know why the first gif ended up bigger than the rest, but I'm too lazy to go back and resize it...

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I really, really am starting to suck at responding to comments. I'm sorry. Have some CE for your troubles.

"I thought you were dead"/"Doctor, Rose is still alive!" )
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Decided it was high-time I restarted my Ecclesunday posts!
In order to serve as penance for not posting in so long, I decided to make my own gifs which took forever to get done.
ANYWAY. I give to you, enamoured Doctor. Hopefully these posts will continue on without another hiatus ever.
(Just realised I decided this right in the nick of time! Happy Ninth Doctor Month!)

"You're beautiful" )

Also, I'm very behind on LJ entry/comments and for that apologise. I'll get to them as soon as I can!
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More yummy pics and my pathetic excuse )

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Find more hotness underneath )
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Scruffy~ scruff scruff~~~



This was supposed to have been posted yesterday... F- for timing, A+ for post, yes?
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For my darlings who don't have a tumblr, I will now be cross-posting my Ecclesunday posts here too! Hope it was a prosperous ones with many new goodies!




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